Wikipedia Pages Are For Everyone To Edit

Wikipedia: Open & Free

Anyone can do their part to further the knowledge available from the greatest free encyclopedia ever conceived: Wikipedia. The word ‘wiki’ means community and everyone in the world is part of the community that has built, maintains, and is continuing to expand Wikipedia. You too can become an editor of all things wiki, and thus be known as a “Wikipedian” whom has contributed knowledge to all the citizens of planet Earth. Any page on Wiki writing service that is not locked can be directly edited by any person that can access the website.

See Something Missing? Fix It!

Any article’s content that you find has missing information can quickly be remedied by you. You do not even need to register as an official editor with Wikipedia to make improvements to an article. It might only be some missing punctuation or a needed reference. It might be that a whole page full of content is needed. You decide. Direct editing is accomplished either by modifying the wikitext markup coding, sometimes termed “classic editing”, or you can use the VisualEditor (VE).

There are some wiki pages that are locked against direct public editing. However, most are available for modification. If you see a lock symbol on the top of a wiki page, you can nevertheless suggest edits to the page, but indirectly through the “Edit Request” process. This entails clicking on the “View source” tab and then clicking on the “Submit an edit request” button that is displayed.

Get Your Wiki Works Best

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The second major service Get Your Wiki provides is wiki page monitoring. Wikipedia being open source is wonderful, but with one obvious problem: anyone can change anything at any time. Get Your Wiki is always watching their client’s wiki pages to quickly fix any ignorant or malicious edits that may sometimes crop up. In this way, your wiki pages are kept completely as you want them. On top of this critically necessary service, they will also perform any updates you need done to your pages as part of the monitoring service. They will also translate any of your pages into the foreign language of your choice.

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