What Adam Goldenberg Believes to be True About JustFab and TechStyleWhat Adam Goldenberg Believes to be True About JustFab and TechStyle

Adam Goldenberg, CEO of TechStyle, was interviewed by CNBC when he suggested a name change may be coming for the company. The company, originally JustFab, was slated to become TechStyle Fashion Group. Goldenberg stands firm on the fact that data has served the company well, leading them to make better and more informed decisions about what the customer wants and who this ideal customer is. A rebrand is a big deal, and Adam Goldenberg now knows all too well just how critical this rebrand is to the company. As on online fashion retailer, it is important that data be gathered to help these CEO’s make business decisions on a regular basis. The membership subscription site is making it easier for ladies to invest in the fashion they love at a reasonable price on builtinla.com.

One of the things Goldenberg talks about in this interview with CNBC is the VIP membership that allows members to purchase or they may skip a month. One of the most important questions he was asked was how the membership model works, but the true benefit is that trends are fashion forward and released earlier on the site and members also get a better price when they purchase a membership. Goldenberg also opened up about the opt-in feature for those who wish to join in the VIP program.

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The choice is up to the subscriber, but with the VIP membership, members will be reminded on a consistent basis about the benefits they have and how they can use them. They are also fully aware of how the program works and how they can use it for everything they should get out of the program. The most important thing for Adam Goldenberg is that the customers are happy. The focus is on building brands that will bring something different and interesting to the buyer. He also believes that because fashion is changing and digital tools are changing, that marrying the two together will make it a win-win for the company as well as for the shoppers.

Goldenberg has been working with Don Ressler on the company JustFab, and as they began to build brands each of them took on their own portion of the company to build specific brands they are passionate about.

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