Wes Edens: Fortress Investment Group business guru

Wes Edens: Fortress Investment Group business guru

Wes Edens is an American based business guru with various investments in the private equity sector. He is also known to own the Milwaukee Bucks which is an NBA team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He runs the team’s affairs with his partner, Marc Lasry. Apart from the NBA team, he is also an owner of the League of Legends team called FlyQuest. He is a co-founding member of the Fortress Investment Group.Wes Edens pursued a Bachelor of Science degree under the Finance and Business Administration course. He graduated from the Oregon State University after the completion of this course. This accomplishment was achieved in 1984. His career commenced three years later working for the Lehman Brothers company. The position Wes Edens had in the company was being a managing director as well as being a partner to the institution. He worked in that company for six years after which he joined BlackRock Asset Investors.

This company was a subsidiary of a private equity firm known as Blackrock. His position was similar to the previous job at Lehman Brothers. He did his duties for five years until he left the company in 1997.In 1986, Wes Edens and four other businessmen started the Fortress Investments Group that dealt in financing and investments. The company was the first institution to be traded publicly by a buyout in the second month of 2007. Wes Edens with the union of his partners sold eight percent of the company’s shares two years later. This amounted to six hundred million dollars.Wesley later became a co-chair of the directing board of the company. He has also chaired the committee of the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC for a year until the fifth month of 2016.

A year later his company revealed the development of an electronic gaming sports team known as FlyQuest.The team has incorporated a group concentrated in the League of Legends. This group is in active competition in the league called the North American League of Legends Championship Series abbreviated as NA LCS.In 2014 Wesley and another guru called Marc Lasry bought the Milwaukee Bucks from its previous owner, Herb Kohl. The buyout price was five hundred and fifty million dollars. The two kept the team headquarters in Wisconsin affirming the deal by developing a new sports arena for the team.Edens is a husband to Lynn and a father of four children. He is fascinated with mountain climbing as well as horse jumping which are his hobbies.

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