Visionary Banker-Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a renowned international banker of Indian descent, with decades of experience in both private and corporate banking and also investment banking. He is one of the most experienced bankers in the world. One of his major expertise is handling cross-border transaction which takes place between the European Union and India. Anil Chaturvedi earned a bachelor degree in economics in 1973 from Delhi University. The same year he was awarded an MBA from Delhi university school of economics. After working in India banking industry for a couple of years, he moved to the United States. His first job was in New York city-state bank of India. He worked as the manager in charge of planning and development. Most of his clients while working at here at this firm were non-resident Indian people.

After years of excellence in New York, He landed himself a job at Merrill Lynch as the international managing director. For eighteen years he worked as a private banker who had clients all over the United States, Europe, Asia, and India. After 15 years in this position, he moved to Switzerland where he is now working at the managing director of Hinduja bank.

At Geneva, he helps to form partnerships between firms which are willing to form cross-border strategic alliances. He also uses his experience in the banking industry to promote better working opportunities for people willing to invest in the banking sector. Some of the other areas in which he is involved with include credit syndication, mergers and acquisition and raising capital. He is also behind the success of numerous Indian startup companies especially the tech companies which are involved in e-commerce.

In the year 2006 Anil Chaturvedi together with his wife, Kieran, launched there Kiran and Anil Chaturvedi foundation, Inc. the purpose of this organization is to offer funding and grants to some international charities, and entities and encouraging voluntarism among the broader general public

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