They Brown Agency- best avenue to expose your talent

Justin Brown, founder of The Brown Agency who lived in Austin, Tx. He studied business management in college. He believed on working behind the screen. He also worked at a modeling agency. Justin Brown then thought of making bodies that fit in any cloth types. After working for different professional agencies and making his name there, he then decided to train models and make them conquer the world with their talent. After attaining Heyman Talent South, Wilhelmina Austin has begun its journey as The Brown Agency. It was launched in the summer of 2015. It is central Texas’s leading agency providing the distinguished exposure. With the combination of the stupendous and grand talent agencies, The Brown Agency came up with the best of adequacy, potency and efficiency maintaining its uniqueness. It quickly developed to be an industry trend setter with the aim to meet the standards and expectations of its clients. Because of its vitality, exclusiveness and capabilities, it became the only full-service agency in Austin.


Texas got The Brown Agency as one of the few big names in this industry. It has become one of the most esteemed, admired and valued agency in central Texas known for hunting the best modeling talents. With the existence of this agency, clients acquire a larger aspect and frame of professional talent. They are now accessible to the larger scale opportunities across the country. The company is very proud to find the very best, sharp and talent with the broader portfolio, making them supreme and strengthened. It delivers the most skillful, proficient and accomplished talent to the industry. This agency has its headquarters in Austin, Dallas has its offices and it also has its availability in Los Angeles. Check out their website



The former head of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown is directing the company as CEO and president of The Brown Agency. Heyman Talent-South founder, Michael B. Bonne’e will lead the theatrical division of The Brown Agency lending his abilities and knowledge. The Brown Agency is known for its dynamic commercial talent and modeling agency, feeding clients with the number of alternative talent choices. It provides talent with competence to some of the biggest brands of the world that also include Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and many other professional, famous and renowned companies



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