The Wikipedia Writing Project

Wikipedia is a very popular site that includes very reliable information. In fact, students and researchers use the site for their individual projects. Certainly, people visit the site for personal reasons too. For example, to find out more about their favorite sports team or to look up information on a city that they plan to visit. However, some educators and students got together recently. They proposed a question. “Are Wikipedia articles really that accurate.” Some feel that educators and researchers have a duty or responsibility to make sure that the information supplied on the site is entirely accurate. Thus, the Wikipedia writing project was born. University students are creating Wiki pages to boost the accuracy on the site. 

Wikipedia Power
Wikipedia does wheel a tremendous amount of power online. Just think about the last time that you performed a search on one of the top search engines. Many of the top results were linked to Wikipedia. Anyone with a page on Wikipedia is assured a top listing on top search engines like Google. This fact led numerous marketers to consider their own Wikipedia business page creation. They realized that Wikipedia was the powerful marketing tool that they truly needed to make it to the top of the search engines. Numerous advantages are associated with placing a business page on Wikipedia. Pages on the site give a company credibility along with increased brand recognition. This might lead to increasing traffic on a website and a higher profit line. However, following Wikipedia writing guidelines is difficult without the help of an experienced Wikipedia editing service. Fortunately, professional Wikipedia experts for hire are available. 

Get Your Wiki
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