The Profile of Shaygan Kheradpir, the New Chairman and CEO of Coriant

Sheygan Kheradpir, a renowned technology and business executive, has been appointed as the new chairman and chief executive officer of Coriant. Coriant is a leading optical transport systems dealer. Sheygan takes over from Pat DiPieto. Pat shall move to be the operating partner at Coriant’s parent company, Marlin Equity Partners. Before Shaygan was appointed as the chairman and chief executive officer of Coriant, he was the operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners where DiPietro is headed. Before joining Marlin, Shaygan was the chief executive officer at Juniper Networks.
Shaygan has much to offer towards furthering the organizational goals of Coriant. He boasts of a wealth of experience given that he has worked for large corporations, in various managerial positions, in the past. Most of his career years have been spent on undertaking information technology-related duties. However, Shaygan has financial experience having worked with leading banking group Barclays. Shaygan has business acumen and insights on how to improve the systems of organizations. He is a holder of a PHD in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He also holds a masters and bachelors degree from the same University.
Shaygan’s first put his skills to test at the GTE Labs in Boston. He served in network routing, control, and management. Later on, he became the head of the software systems lab. Shaygan recruited a great team of employees that was quite instrumental in the enhancing the trans formative agenda of the organization. Shaygan led the team in developing the first network management platform for GTE in the nation according to slideshare. The system was referred to as TONICS. The innovation helped GTE merge its network business into an efficient and consolidated operation. Shaygan moved to the GTE headquarters in Dallas where he considerably improved the cost structure of the firm.
In 2000, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. The merger saw Shaygan move to New York City to take up a new role. He was appointed as the eBusiness unit president and afterwards became Verizon’s chief information officer. Through similar approaches of using teams, Shaygan assembled a team that developed innovative and leading products like FiOS. Within a short period, FiOS had 35% penetration in the markets it operated and became a $12 billion enterprise. Shaygan transformed the revenue profile of Verizon by combining traditional networking with web-based software to come up with new multimedia products.
Shaygan joined Barclays bank in 2011 at their headquarters in London, taking up the position of the chief operating officer. He then became the head of operations and technology for the entire global operations of the bank that included its retail, cards, and business among others. Working at the Barclays, Shaygan initiated a cultural change that played a key role in aligning the bank with the modern demands through digitization. He also led in the innovation of Cloudit and Pingit.
Shaygan’s previous record of accomplishments puts him at a better position to lead in the docket of operations and technology of any corporation. He thinks broadly and always feels that he can add value to other areas of business, which is good for any company.The Profile of Shaygan Kheradpir, the New Chairman and CEO of Coriant

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