The OSI Food Group Feeds Millions Of Families Worldwide

The popular OSI Industries Food Group is known for being one of the largest food service plants in the world. They have fed roughly, a million families a safe meal with no harsh additives. Their customers can appreciate an organic diet that has prices that can meet the demands of any budget. As the largest food service network in North America, the OSI Food Solutions Group answers to a stabilized food network while staying on compliance with their strict food guidelines. There are thousands of restaurants and meat markets around the globe that are fed their diet. OSI is based in southern Illinois with assets estimated at over $62.2 billion dollars. When asked; thousands of families say, the trust the OSI Food Solutions Group to feed them smart and affordable.

Learn More About OSI Executives

There are many brilliant minds that play a part in the growth and development of OSI, but their corporate professionals have really stood out in business news. Their Chief Executive Officer, David McDonald, has played a significant role in their international growth. He has been able to create many successful partnerships alongside the OSI, Chief Operating Officer, Sheldon Lavin. They’ve been able to grow their equity with the success of their international business deals. You can learn more about their business deals by visiting the OSI Industries website.

More News About The OSI Food Solutions Group

Did you know OSI also brands Tyson Foods? They recently took over a Chicago, Tyson food plant with a successful bid for the chicken giant. Their merger has helped them double their chicken production. More importantly, thousands of workers have been able to retain their jobs. They were glad to be able to be a part of a community initiative to save jobs and reduce the threat of poverty. OSI was also successful in their merger with the popular EU food industry. Today, they will continue to process their food condiments and restaurant meat patties. They’ve also gained a international relationship with the Baho Food Group in the Dutch food industry.

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