The ORC Company with Desiree Perez


Desire Perez is the chief operating officer of ROC nation for many years. In her reign, she has managed to place the organization at a very high level. Roc Company is found in America, and it mainly deals with advertisements. Its offices are found in New York City. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter founded the ROC Company in 2008. The company deals with entertainment only.


The company’s primary activities include housing a record label, talent agency, touring and concert production. The company also deals with music, film, and television production. The company’s primary agenda is to keep people entertained. For the business to succeed, it decided to work hand in hand with the other related organizations. In 2009, The company signed a 4-year distribution deal with sonny music. The company also collaborated with London-based entertainment company in 2010.


One of the main advantages of entertainment is to keep people united. Many people may think that entertainment is all about music. The ROC company introduced many ways of entertaining people ranging from music, dancing, and comedies. In 2013, the ROC company included games and sports in its program. The company also launched boxing. The group not only entertains people but also it has mentored many people.


People may be born talented but fail to exploit their talents due to lack of support. The ROC company provides a platform whereby many youths can be mentored and get a chance of exercising their skills. This act has assisted many people even to gain employment. Other people who deal with ensuring that the companies daily activities are well run have also benefited greatly.


Desire Perez is the chief operating officer of the ROC company. Desire Perez has proven that she has all that it takes to succeed in business. Perez has also shown her excellent leadership in the company. Perez has assisted many people to realize their goals. One of the people who has benefited from her is Rihanna. Perez made Rihanna get promoted by the Samsung. Perez has also worked hard to ensure that the ORC Company achieves its objectives.

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