The Growth of CipherCloud

With the cloud being the number one place to store files and to store data, cloud security has become one of the top most priorities to ensure that all personal information or sensitive information is kept safe. CipherCloud is an internet security company that specializes in keeping all vital information protected and secure from any unauthorized person.

CipherCloud is a cloud security company that is based in San Jose, California. CipherCloud grows the opportunities that cloud computing has to offer while also offering security to every cloud user. Some of the services that are provided by this company include strong encryption as well as date protection.

CipherCloud is a company that was founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari. Kothari is also known for starting up another company that is called ArcShight. Despite the fact that this company was developed in 2010, the company was not officially launched until 2011. By June of 2011, CipherCloud has released its first security solution which was in the form of Gmail encryption.

This successful transaction lead to CipherCloud to open up new firms that made the company officially international. By 2013, the company was up and running in both Australia and England. What makes this such a credible company is the fact that CipherCloud achieved the Federal Information Processing Standards validation. This form of validating the system came from the Crptographic Model Validation Program.

In 2013, CipherCloud joined a company called Box Inc. This company specialized in cloud computing and file-sharing. The goal with joining these two companies together was to add CipherCloud’s encryption with this company’s skills to share files online. Together this created a secure and public space to share files online. CipherCloud used its knowledge in encryption to restrict cloud users without authorization from personal and sensitive information.

In 2014, CipherCloud created Cloud Discovery. Cloud Discovery is a new product that was designed to analyze cloud applications. These cloud applications have analyzed cloud applications such as finance, CRM, IT Management, HR, productivity, file-sharing, and collaboration. Cloud Discovery analyzes the use for visibility and even determines if there is any risk in any of the provided applications.

What CipherCloud has created is a way to encrypt any sensitive data before it even hits the cloud. This means that personal information such as credit card information, business plans, or social security numbers can all be shared on the cloud without the risk of it ever being accessed by someone who is not authorized. CipherCloud, within the last five years has become and international company that is helping both individuals and businesses around the world. CipherCloud will continue to be recognized and be rewarded for the security that is provided and for the technology that will be constantly updated.