The Founding And Rise Of Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth was created by Sanjiv Mehr, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. Sanjiv Mehr had previously worked at big corporations like Pepsi and Unilever. Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsy were previously employed at startup incubators. The three of them decided to get together and brainstorm how they could create a buzz in the health and beauty aisle of drugstores.

The brainstorming did not go very well at first. Most of the products sold at the beauty aisles were made by large companies that were firmly established in their niche. The primary way that companies competed with each other was by lowering prices. One idea that did stick out was the fact that the lip balm products sold today were virtually unchanged since they were first introduced.

The trio decided they could launch a new and unique lip balm brand that could draw new customers. It would be unique and offer something that brands like Chapstick and Blistex did not. Evolution of Smooth was thus born. Craig Dubitsty, one of the original three people behind the concept of a new lip balm brand, had left before the company could officially launch. This made Sanjiv Mehr and Jonathan Teller the co-founders and leaders of the firm.

EOS lip balm made a big change in the lip balm industry by offering a new form of packaging. It would be spherical instead of the traditional stick format. Lots of different flavors would be offered. They would include strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate as well as many, many more. No longer would customers have to settle with original, mint or cherry flavored lip balms. They had lots of choices and the packaging was very unique.

Applying the balm was also easier and the new spherical packaging made it easier to carry along in a purse or bag. Ingredients for the balm would also be all natural and organic. This would further set it apart from mainstays in the lip balm aisle that used ingredients such as mineral oil and other synthetic ingredients.

These new ideas brought immediate attention to the brand and customers loved the look and new flavors. Through clever marketing on social media, YouTube and through fashion bloggers, the eBay sold brand exploded. Celebrities soon started using the brand and it easily surpassed Chapstix and Blistex in sales. The company now does over 1 million dollars of its lip balm products in sales. For more information, visit the website: and the company’s Linked In page at


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