The Capital Group Under New Chairman Leadership

The business world has made a significant shift in how many companies handle daily operational tasks. While there are numerous reasons for the shift in the business world regarding how daily operations are handled, one of the main reasons has been the rapid increase in technology innovations over the past few decades. The technology innovations have allowed companies to integrate various technologies into core aspects of company operations.

With the integration of various technology innovations, companies have been able to move from traditional methods of conducting daily tasks to using automation in many instances with technology. A particular industry that has benefited from the use of technology is the investment industry. The industry has been able to utilize technology to allow many investment companies to use technology such as mobile devices to help people access investment information, purchase investments, or utilize investment services.

In many ways, technology has made investments accessible to many people that would probably not be able to get access to various investment related information or services without the aid of technology. Although technology plays a primary role in the investment industry today, many people still look to investment companies for most of their investment needs.

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An investment company that is popular in the investment industry is the Capital Group. The company helps people with a variety of investment related needs. Tim Armour is the chairman of the Capital Group. Tim Armour has over three decades of investment related experience that provides him with a wealth of investment knowledge and expertise. In addition to his experience, Tim Armour has proven himself as an effective executive in the various positions he has held at the Capital Group.

Timothy Armour took over as chairman at the Capital Group after the death of the former chairman Jim Rotherberg. Tim Armour is well known in the investment industry, and his executive skills are respected throughout the investment industry.

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