The Best Ways To Bury Bad Articles

Bad articles floating on the internet can wreck havoc on your reputation. If you think that these bad articles are nothing to worry about, then you might want to rethink your approach to this matter. Research has shown that a single bad article showing up in your search results can turn away almost a quarter or about 22% of customers from your business. The numbers get progressively worse with the more negative articles you have about yourself or your business on the internet.

So what can you do to fight back against the bad articles on the net? The first thing you should try and do is to try and get the articles removed if possible. Some websites and review sites make it easy to remove false or slanderous content if you contact them directly. Other times, removing a bad, false or attack article about you can prove to be impossible. If this occurs, don’t panic. You can try and “bury it” or push it down the search results so people don’t immediately see it and instead see accurate and positive content about you and your business.

So how does burying bad articles work? The process is more simple than you might have imagined. First, it involves the creation of new content about you and your company on the internet. You can create profiles on websites such as LinkedIn, create a new blog and even develop your own personal site. Developing social media accounts is another good strategy. After creating positive and informative new content, you have this content optimized for search engines.

Looking for a company that can push up good content in search results and push down negative content? Then consider the company Bury Bad Articles. The service they offer is listed right in their company name. They do exactly what they are named after. The firm buries bad articles, so people don’t see them when they search for you or your company. Not sure if they are right for you? They offer a free quote for their work. Their work is also 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the job they have done, then you will get your money back.

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  • Ladani says:

    The process of having articles rank at the top of search engine results is search engine optimization, often abbreviated as SEO. I want to make sure that some of the best research paper is what is needed. This basically involves making the articles show up at the top of search results instead of the negative, damaging articles that are hurting your reputation and business.

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