Sheldon Lavin Leads The OSI Group Like A Family And This Has Resulted In Their Incredible Success

The CEO of the OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. His background and experience revolve around the food processing and meat industry and he is active in all of the operations of the company. His story begins in 1970 when he helped in the financing of Otto & Sons. Eventually the company became the OSI Group and this is where Mr. Lavin gained his expertise and leadership abilities. He became a successful entrepreneur and a brilliant leader.

Sheldon Lavin has received recognition and awards for his contributions to his industry. His awards include sustainability and environmental achievements due to his leadership. He is proud of his life’s work and accomplishments and humbled by the awards. His life has been dedicated to his company’s welfare and success and his employees receive excellent care and compensations. Sheldon Lavin wants the next generation to continue to take care of the planet and create the kind of opportunities for their employees that will make a difference in the world of the future.

Sheldon Lavin has no desire to slow down or retire and keeps himself busy. Sheldon Lavin is involved with worthwhile charities and enjoys the time he spends with his family. His commitment to his business combined with his knowledge of financing and accounting and his background have made him a tycoon. He has always wanted to see the OSI Group achieve growth, success and make a positive difference in the world.

The OSI Group currently has locations in 17 different countries with an impressive 80 facilities. The company produces protein products, sauces, assorted vegetable items and a variety of baked goods. Sheldon Lavin considers the OSI Group an entrepreneurial company because it is run differently than similar sized companies who tend to be led from the top.

There are certainly rules they adhere to and strategies that must be implemented but they operate the company like it is a family. The company is responsible and follows the limits of their budget while operating under a different type of culture. This is what separates them from other companies and makes their employees delighted to work with the OSI Group.

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