Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group: A Young Man With A Big Vision

It’s never too early to start working towards your future goals. David Howitt, the CEO of The Meriwether Group knows this all too well and that’s why he’s giving his son, Sawyer Howitt, a shot at the family business.

Sawyer Howitt is the Project Manager of The Meriwether Group. The 17-year-old has had some experience in the business world regardless of his tender age. They say that looks can be deceiving and it’s certainly true because when you look at this young man you can’t imagine that he has such experience in the business world.

Even though Sawyer Howitt handles such mammoth tasks such as leading benevolent organizations with modest goals, he still finds time to attend school. The talented young man is a senior in high school and he already knows that he will be attending Columbia University for an Entrepreneurial Finance Degree. Come 2022; he will have graduated and added a lot to his portfolio.

Sawyer Howitt’s experience

Sawyer Howitt is the current Project Manager of The Meriwether Group. Previously he worked as a Business Strategy Analyst for the same company. Before this, he worked in the Customer Service Department of the KURE Juice Bar.

The Project Manager is passionate about photography, customer service, financial service and brand managing. Even with all this experience he still finds time to mentor other young people. Sawyer Howitt is a humble man who handles all the tasks that he is given well regardless of the status.

About Meriwether group

Meriwether Group is a company that deals with equipping other enterprises with the tools they need for their businesses to prosper. The company does this by empowering businesses and entrepreneurs with the necessary services and equipment that they need.

They also match them with partners who can provide them with capital to start or expand a business. In addition to this, they also assist in strategizing business moves or even an exit plan.


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