Rocketship Education Brings A Brighter Future To Low-Income Communities

Building a better education system is something almost every individual can agree on regardless of their political leanings or educational background which is why Rocketship Education has become such a major success across parts of San Jose and other areas of the U.S. The inequality of the U.S. public school system has been growing in recent years as the opportunities to find success for members of low-income communities have shrunk to make it almost impossible to attend a traditional public school and carve out a path to a four-year college; Rocketship Education is seeing the first students attending its schools upon opening its doors in 2006 make their way to four-year educational institutions.

Low-income communities have often been underserved by the traditional public school systems of the U.S. where local people are often given little to no choices in delivering any options for their own students to enjoy a better future and live out the “American Dream”. Rocketship Education has been a developer of new ideas and committed to bringing the best educators to its teams located in many of the communities often ignored by traditional public school officials.

A range of activities and pursuits are being explored by the academic leaders at Rocketship Education as they look for the best ways of making sure the most students available have the chance to explore the educational opportunities on offer at the network of charter schools. The drive for an extension of the Rocketship Education charter school program to move into the traditional public school middle and high school sectors has seen the charter school network develop a parent leadership program. By informing and educating the parents of Rocketship Education students the drive to develop middle and high schools has been taken on by many who have led the drive for more charter schools across the nation.

Building community leaders have been a major part of the rise of Rocketship Education over the course of its life since 2006 when the first location opened in a San Jose Church. The transformation of the San Jose has been added to as part of the drive to include more low-income communities in the redevelopment of this area of California.

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