Roberto Santiago’s Dream Come True

Many investments are done in an attempt to generate profits. This is the primary goal of every investor. Roberto Santiago deviated from this belief. His investment was mainly to improve the welfare of his people. He had observed that his people had to travel to get to the luxury joints. This was when his dream was born. He wanted to create a recreational facility that had all the items needed to have fun. Santiago wanted to eliminate the transportation cost that they had to incur for fun activities. Roberto Santiago achieved his goal.

Roberto Santiago finally launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall that is a significant source of entertainment in Brazil. This did not come easy. It was through patience, determination and hard work that this came to reality. Like any other entrepreneur, Santiago began small. He worked for a decor company, Café Rosa. He used this chance to acquire skills and learn the necessary skills of a décor company. This is one trait of a successful investor that clients should learn from Santiago. Utilizing every opportunity, they get, maximally.

With this knowledge, Santiago began his own cartonnage company. Here he developed cardboard from cartoons. This business flourished and became a prominent home décor company in Brazil. However, his passion was in Real Estate. This is why in 1987, he bought the land of Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. By 1989, he launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. It covered an area of 75000m2 and had a total of 280 buildings. This covered all the problems of the Joao Pessoa people.

The occupants called the mall a small city. This is because it has all the social amenities and luxury that an individual would need for survival. The mall has healthcare facilities, colleges, schools, food courts, financial institutions, jewelry stores among other facilities. This has, therefore, simplified the shopping activities of the people. They now get to shop everything under one roof. This saves time.

The Manaira Mall has also rekindled many relationships and families in Joao Pessoa. This is because of the chance to engage in fun activities together. Even families who never used to go out in the name of having to shop for next week can now multitask. This is because they can finally have the fun and shop at the same venue.

Far from the fun activities, the Roberto Santiago investment has improved the living standards of the people. This is because of the employment opportunities that have come along with it. Many people are employees at the Manaira Mall. The investment has also attracted multiple business setups.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has wholly revolutionized the life of the people of Joao Pessoa. Investors are encouraged to be considerate like Santiago when investing. This means putting the needs of his people prior the profit-making factor.


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