Peter Briger, the Co-principal and Investor at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a businessman and a financial expert. He is based in San Francisco, California in the United States of America. Mr Briger has over two decades experience in assets and financial management. Currently, he is a partner and co-principal of Fortress investment group that is situated in New York. The organization is a leading investment management company. He was elected to a chairman’s position of the board in the year 2009. Since then, Peter Briger has guided the organization’s operations on various management roles since the year 2002. Currently, Briger oversees the company’s real estate and credit fund business. Just at the beginning of this year, during the first quarter, Briger together with his team managed to raise $4.7 billion for a new fund that the firm introduced. Peter Briger is an alumni of Princeton University. Briger also holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school of business.

Peter also served at Goldman Sachs for over 15 years. He was responsible for overseeing several business areas. Additionally, he served as a committee member of Asian management, global control and compliance committee. Peter has responsibilities as the co-head of the organizations fixed income principal investments group, Whole loan sales and trading business. Briger also assisted in the managing division that included the Goldman’s Sachs special opportunities (Asia) fund and the Asian distressed debt business. During his heydays at the Goldman Sachs group, he sold troubled mortgages in Japan, sold car loans in Thailand, British power plants and alcoholic beverages in South Korea.

The strategy that the group used was to wait and buy assets that have fallen in favor with a mainstream sources of capital.The issue could be due to political pressures, economic problems or just any other reason. Their main aim was to spot an opportunity and fully utilize it. Later, the group could hold the assets until the market became stable. After that, they would sell the assets at a handsome profit. They used to buy the items at a low price and then sell high. The idea seemed simple, but it was challenging to execute. It needed an individual with investment prowess. Time to time, Peter Briger and his team delivered results. Apart from his professional career, Peter Briger is a great philanthropist. He is also a leader at silicon leadership council for the Global fund for kids. Subsequently, he is an active member of other boards.

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