Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group Retains his Position during the Buyout

Fortress Investment Group is a top investment management firm that utilizes modern technology and specialized expertise to bring forth successful investment strategies to credit, liquid markets, traditional asset management and private equity on behalf of more than 2,000 institutional investors. After serving more than 2,000 clients, Fortress Investment Group attracted Softbank to acquire it. Recently, the deal was sealed. According to reports from the management of the two organizations, Fortress Investment Group will be run as an independent organization and Peter Briger, one of the four principals will be retained as a leader within. From the look of it, Peter Briger is an indispensable, instrumental leader.

Peter Briger is an admired business leader whose input in the world of investment cannot be ignored. Residing in San Francisco where he works as well, Briger has a vast wealth of knowledge in investment and asset management. With him in the administration, he has been an invaluable leader who oversees private equity management in over $65 billion accounts.Briger graduated from the Princeton University. He also studied business administration from the Wharton School of Business. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked at the famous Goldman Sachs. In his capacity in the company, he oversaw operations in different departments and ensured that the board of directors implemented the right policies for impressive financial results. Besides, he was in charge Global Control as well as the Compliance Committee.

Briger’s roles extend to him working at the Asian Management Committee where he maintained the firm’s operations by overseeing management and finance allocation. Also co-heading the fixed assets department, he oversaw the issuing of loans in the Whole Loan Sales department.Mr. Briger was a visionary leader in all ways. That is why he assisted Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities to maintain its operations and financial position. An additional division he helped to retain is the Asian Distressed Debt Business.Briger is not only an investment professional. Away from his office, he contributes to several philanthropic activities linked to community service. For starters, he is a lead executive at the Silicon Valley Leadership Council that dedicates its funding to help children. Besides, he is a board member of the famous Council of Foreign Relations. This is a not-for-profit organization that disseminates essential and factual knowledge on foreign policy issues. Briger’s input in the industry of finance is notable in the light of him serving as a role model for young entrepreneurs and prospective investors.

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