Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Stronger

All the naysayers that did not believe that Jay Z could do it, he is proving that Tidal is the company that will soon be at the top in music streaming. He has enlisted the help of Desiree Perez, and he is becoming one of the major forces in the music streaming industry. It appears that he has enlisted someone that has worked with him during his time getting Roc Nation Sports off the ground. She was the one that was there negotiating contracts for athletes, and her skills were quite impressive.

Jay-Z did not forget this or Desiree Perez when he decided to launch Tidal and compete better with Spotify. He gave executives that were in place a chance to prove what they could do, but such a high turnover for the CEO position proved that no one really had the right answers. Jay-Z was endeavoring into new territory. So many of the other streaming sites are free. This meant that Jay-Z had to think of something new and innovative to capture the attention of a crowd. Related article on  For so long music lovers have been getting music for free in a variety of different ways. They have been downloading torrents. They have been sharing files amongst one another. They have been streaming music for free from different apps and websites. This made it difficult for Jay-Z to launch premium music streaming site.  Check for additional article

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It was Desiree that has been able to guide him and help him build a site that is worthy of the price that is paid. She has been in the back ground as part of his circle of influence to help him design a better website. More about Dez on  She has taken the time to negotiate the contract that can help Jay-Z make the best moves for his music streaming service.  To read blogs from Dez, visit her on her page.

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End Citizens United Aims at 2018 Congressional Elections for Big Change in Politics

Posted on July 17, 2017 in Politics

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focused on bringing about legislative change at the highest levels of the United States Government. Their namesake, Citizens United, was a conservative group that fought with the Supreme Court in order to get looser restrictions on campaign finances. Citizens United won and in effect tainted American politics for the past seven years and the foreseeable future. The Citizens United Supreme Court case is looked at as one of the leading causes of dark money entering into the American political scene. When politicians are paid off by big donors their votes end up changing and the will of the people ends up being ignored. End Citizens United does not want to stand for such a thing.


End Citizens United has been aggressive and successful with their focus on fundraising through the first actual quarter of 2017. People have been emboldened and pushed out of their apathy by the unconventional election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. Progressives are angry and they are ready to fight back in order to stand up for their country. This anger and this willingness to get involved has caused End Citizens United to explode with activism activity. Through the first quarter of ’17 End Citizens United saw more than 100,000 donations to the cause. The majority of these donations were worth about $12 but they still managed to raise nearly $4 million in total. End Citizens United also saw 40,000 people donate their time and physical presence to events and activist get-togethers in order to try and push the cause and the message to more and more people.


The problem with shifting the Citizens United case at the federal level is that it will take massive change in terms of the politicians who sit on the seats in Congress. For that reason alone we have seen End Citizens United get more involved in endorsing politicians who are willing to chase after the Citizens United case. Unfortunately most of these changes won’t happen until after the 2018 Congressional Election which will no doubt be swayed, in part, by the role of dark money.


The second problem, and largest hill that End Citizens United has to climb, is the fact that campaign finance reform is not a bipartisan issue — at least not on Capitol Hill. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans support campaign finance reform, the top congressional Republicans refuse to even engage the thought due to the fact that they are so beholden to special interests. End Citizens United needs to see a rush of progressive candidates in 2018 in order to make their name a reality for the better of America.


The Inventive and Optimistic businessperson Christopher Burch

Chris Burch refers to a widely respected entrepreneur alongside real estate, fashion, and technology. He has established many firms that are currently progressing well and gaining exemplary outcomes. He was at Itchita College the moment he began his businesses. Together with his brother, they owned a company named Eagle Eye that did perfectly well before the time he made up his mind to sell it at the cost of 165 million dollars.  Check this on

At the moment, he works as the Burch Creative Capital’s manager and the principal. The company entails other firms such as ED. Hop over to for more reading. His creative skills are among the factors behind the empire’s growth mainly that gets him a substantial amount of money. He is an efficient implementer and reasons alongside the requirements of the consumers. He applies technology in optimizing his business profits.

His focus currently is on the business’ hospitality sector. This is evident by this partnering with James McBride who is an hotelier to engage in the Indonesian beach hostel by the name Sumba in 2012.

They assigned 30 million dollars to aid the renovation of the hotel which was then inaugurated in 2015 is a five-star resort, Nihiwatu. It was commended and received the finest hotel award universally by Travel and Leisure in 2016.

According to him, he acquired it fundamentally for his young ones with the goal that it would assist the Indonesian society and offer a livelihood that would benefit the people both directly and indirectly. He is passionate concerning the way the hotel could change the culture and meet the satisfaction of the clients through the provision of services of high quality.  Interesting article on

Burch has to allocate time for both the Hamptons as well as the Resort consisting of 27 private Villas with privately-owned plunge pools. Research has it that it is the biggest job creator at the Sumba Island and a dominant portion of the gains are channeled into charity. The resort’s funding of the foundation is aimed at the benefit of the project’s advantages by the locals. There are different other attractions at its environs. They include the Coconut Grove and availability of horseback rides. The Horse whisperers often aid guests associate with horses.

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According to the benefits that the venture generates, Christopher and McBride are devoted to intensifying their dealings to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to enable the visionary travelers to access different destinations. Check for related article.  The societies are proud as they are likely to receive some aid out of it.

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The Triumphs of Chris Burch, The CEO of Chris Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is a renowned fashion mogul, investor, philanthropist, and business leader with more than four decades working in different industries. Chris is well-known for his contributions to the development of multiple brands such as Jawbone, Poppin, Tory Burch, Voss Water, and Faena Hotel + Universe. Creative Burch Capital is a New York-based private equity firm that deals with startups, early venture financing, and growth capital. The company is devoted to investing in lifestyle and consumer products that deals with hospitality, apparel, mobile devices, home decor, and technology products.

Chris Burch acquired a luxury resort, Nihiwatu, on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. The modern resort was ranked as the world’s best hotel in the world by the Travel + Leisure magazine.  Check  Burch’s interest in the hospitality industry was fueled when he joined hands with Alan Faena, a famous hotelier, and Philippe Stark, an architect, to redevelop a piece of land that was under-utilized into the beautiful Faena Hotel + Universe.

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In 2014, Chris entered into a business partnership with Ellen DeGeneres as a financier to help her launch a lifestyle brand known as ED. Burch later that year started Cocoon9, a luxury prefab homes’ firm that offers its clients modern designs, space-saving floor plans, energy efficient features, and contemporary finishes. Additionally, Mr. Burch joined hands with Noah Maffitt, a former Senior Manager at, and Ken Seiff of to launch Poppin, an e-commerce store that supplies affordable and well-designed office supplies.  A must-read article on

Chris has also developed other brands such as Tory Burch, a fashion brand he established together with his then wife Tory back in 2004. TRADEMARK is an apparel company that Chris founded together with his two daughters. Aliph is also one of Chris Burch investment, and this firm owns Jawbone, a company that deals with the manufacture of fitness trackers, conventional speakers, as well as Bluetooth speakers. Currently, Chris is supporting other brands including Blink Health, BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, and Soludos.

Born in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Chris was raised by his middle-class parents and attended Ithaca College. He started his entrepreneurial journey while still a student. Together with his brother, he launched Eagle’s Eye Apparel with a capital of $2000. The company grew to a tune of $165 million, and they later sold it to The Swire Group in 1989.  More to read on

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Chris is also a renowned philanthropist who has donated funds towards research at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, The Child Welfare League of China, The China Association of Social Work, The Sumba Foundation, and The Henry Street Settlement. He was the President of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board and was a member of the Board of Governors of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

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Nihiwatu: Paradise on Earth

Chris Burch has hit yet another home run! The serial entrepreneur has expanded beyond the fashion industry and dived into creating a hospitality home run. Located on the edge of Sumba, an Indonesian island, Nihiwatu has been awarded Travel + Leisure’s 2016 Hotel of the Year designation. Burch, along with noted hotelier James McBride purchased the property in 2012 and following a $30 million renovation opened the resort in 2015. It did not take long for the property to get noticed by the experts in the travel industry along with many of the world’s top jet setters.  Check for more.

The successes of Chris Burch have been impressive, to say the least, and he is never done creating. From fashion to hospitality it seems that everything he touches turns into a great success. From Tory Burch to C. Wonder his clothing and accessories brands are popular throughout the world. Chris is always looking for new and exciting challenges and is truly a serial entrepreneur. It is from this wealth of experience that Chris reaches out to help others who are just getting their start. He is the head of Burch Creative Capital and works with many startup companies across various industries.  To learn more about Burch Creative Capital, hit

Burch Creative Capital is the current enterprise through which Chris is funneling his creative energies. This financing firm is working with creative companies to help them get off the ground. Several of the companies with which he has worked include BaubleBar, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, and Soludos. The quality of his expertise rings through to firms operating in organic foods, women’s apparel, technology, and hospitality. Another of his recent companies is the hospitality sourcing firm Bur + Mah. The possibilities are truly endless when Chris Burch is involved.  Check on for additional article

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Innovation is always a strong component of all of his projects, and Burch credits his ability to marry innovation with implementation as one of the key cornerstones of his multiple successes. It really is extraordinary that the first resort he acquires is shortly named the best hotel in the world by the prestigious Travel + Leisure magazine. More to read on  Although anyone who has been following his career is not at all surprised by the level of quality that he brought to the Nihiwatu Resort project. Burch divides his time between his private home at Nihiwatu and Miami and the Hamptons. It will be exciting to see what he does next.

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In 1991, Tony Petrello joined the board of directors in Nabors. He had just come from Backer & McKenzie where he was handling corporate law. Petrello began as the chief operating officer and president. He also served as deputy chairman and chairman of the board. As a person experienced in operations, Petrello formulates strategies and initiatives for Nabors. Adopting new approaches is an essential business requirement since the business environment is competitive and dynamic.

Being a leader in Nabors is a major achievement in the corporate world. Nabors is the owner and operator of big drilling rigs in the world. Although it is not an oil producer, the company acts as a contract driller. Nabor owns about five hundred rigs in twenty-five countries and all these rigs are active. Due to its top position in the oil business, it pioneers in innovative technologies and tools of performance. These high standards are aimed at delivering quality and expected results in the industry.

Before Tony Petrello began career, he attended Harvard Law School. He also pursued a degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Apart from Nabors, Petrello also serves as a director of Hillcorp Energy Company and Stewart and Stevenson. The strong education background gave Petrello a robust start in his career. Companies preceding Nabor were suitable in giving Petrello rich experience.

Petrello’s top position came with highly rewarding salary. Tony Petrello is among the highest paid bosses in America. He earns so much because of the roles and responsibilities he has in Nabors. He is the chairman, CEO, and president. In 2014, Nabors changed its compensation approaches. Some of the money was directed to shareholders and it negatively affected Petrello’s salary.

Cynthia and Tony Petrello have a daughter with periventricular leukomalacia. Carena was born with this condition but has managed to live with it until now. Carena’s parents were motivated by this condition. They decided to support research that will bring remedy to such disorders and others. So far, Cynthia and Tony have donated a total of seven million to Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. In future, this institute hopes to discover curative approaches for developmental disorders. Carena and other children will recover and continue to grow like normal children.

Sheldon Lavin Leads The OSI Group Like A Family And This Has Resulted In Their Incredible Success

The CEO of the OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. His background and experience revolve around the food processing and meat industry and he is active in all of the operations of the company. His story begins in 1970 when he helped in the financing of Otto & Sons. Eventually the company became the OSI Group and this is where Mr. Lavin gained his expertise and leadership abilities. He became a successful entrepreneur and a brilliant leader.

Sheldon Lavin has received recognition and awards for his contributions to his industry. His awards include sustainability and environmental achievements due to his leadership. He is proud of his life’s work and accomplishments and humbled by the awards. His life has been dedicated to his company’s welfare and success and his employees receive excellent care and compensations. Sheldon Lavin wants the next generation to continue to take care of the planet and create the kind of opportunities for their employees that will make a difference in the world of the future.

Sheldon Lavin has no desire to slow down or retire and keeps himself busy. Sheldon Lavin is involved with worthwhile charities and enjoys the time he spends with his family. His commitment to his business combined with his knowledge of financing and accounting and his background have made him a tycoon. He has always wanted to see the OSI Group achieve growth, success and make a positive difference in the world.

The OSI Group currently has locations in 17 different countries with an impressive 80 facilities. The company produces protein products, sauces, assorted vegetable items and a variety of baked goods. Sheldon Lavin considers the OSI Group an entrepreneurial company because it is run differently than similar sized companies who tend to be led from the top.

There are certainly rules they adhere to and strategies that must be implemented but they operate the company like it is a family. The company is responsible and follows the limits of their budget while operating under a different type of culture. This is what separates them from other companies and makes their employees delighted to work with the OSI Group.

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Chris Burch And His Best Hotel In The World

Who wouldn’t like to stay in the best hotel in the world? Chris Burch went one step ahead-he built one, albeit a resort! The genesis of the project lay in Burch along with hotelier James McBride buying a beach hostel situated on the Indonesian island of Samba. That was in 2012. Since then, the duo has spent as much as $30 million in renovating and redoing the place rechristening it Nihiwatu and throwing open this 5-star luxury resort to the world.

Nihwatu got nominated as the world’s best luxury resort by Travel+ Leisure in2016. Check  Burch himself is over the moon about the success of the resort and feels that part of the reason has to be in the sheer beauty of the location. As a matter of fact, this development is one of the rare ones that according to Burch have surpassed his expectations. Most of the times it is the other way round.

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Chris Burch is a person who wears many hats, as evidenced by the fact that he has as many as 13 investments in 12 companies. Of course, he is most well known as the founder Burch Creative Capital and as the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand Tory Burch. He, in fact, has diverse business interests that encompass hospitality, technology and consumer products, financial services and of course apparel.  Read about Burch insight on things around his area of interest, click on

A very busy man Burch is either on the boards or an adviser with the organizations Grability, Chubbies, Nihiwatu, and Poppin. An alumnus of Ithaca College, he studies business over there between 1972 and 1976. Burch’s success as an entrepreneur can be gauged by the fact that he has been a part of the rise of some fifty companies during the course of his forty-year career. His brand portfolio includes names such as Ellen De Generes, Coccon 9 andTrademark.

Other lifestyle brands being supported by Burch are BaubleBar, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics and Soludos. There is this side of a mentor to Burch and he is ever willing to share his considerable knowledge and expertise with young people who desire to make a name as business leaders and entrepreneurs. For an update on his timeline activities, hit on

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There is no doubt about the fact that Burch is a hugely inspirational role model. The sheer scale of his achievements and the breadth of his vision are awe inspiring. Sure a man worth emulating and so he is. That being stated there is more to come from him. Watch this space.

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Jason Halpern: Developing New York’s Skyline

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the current principal of JMH Development, a real estate and property development company based in the state of New York. The company is recognized to be one of the largest and the leading real estate business firms in the United States, and the company began as a family business. Jason Halpern only managed to come into the spotlight in 2010 after his appointment as a principal, and from there, he has 100% control of their family business. He made an action plan as to how JMH Development could achieve significant growth in just a short period, so he invested the company’s funds in a wide array of investment. All in all, the projects that they are building inside the state of New York has a combined value of $500 million, and one of the most famous architecture pieces that they developed was the luxury apartment properties located at 184 Kent Street. It gained attention because of how beautiful the structure is, and people are amazed at the building’s transformation from a dilapidated warehouse into an eye-catching opulent property. JMH Development is also behind the Townhouses of Cobble Hill Project, another luxury property situated in Brooklyn. Aside from this two properties in the state of New York that has been already built, some proposed projects are still being considered. Some have been approved, and are now under construction.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

However, one should understand that JMH Development does not restrict its business playground in the state of New York alone. They have recently built a hotel in Miami, Florida, back in 2015, which is called the Aloft South Beach. This new property in Miami can be found at the heart of its city center, and tourists from all over the world started to flock on the hotel’s doors because of how great their amenities are. The hotel has 250 rooms which are enough to accommodate hundreds of tourists. According to their guests, compared to other competitors, Aloft South Beach’s rooms are more spacious.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

The hotel also has a number of world-class amenities: an eight-story observation deck which gives tourists a beautiful bird’s eye and 360 view of the city; an access to two water bodies, named Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal; a waterfront which offers picturesque view; a swimming pool and an outdoor pools; a roof deck lounge where guests can chill out; a fitness center complete with gym equipment; and a bar where starting musicians perform.Jason Halpern is assuring the public that JMH Development will always stand by its commitment to building new and innovative structures which are environment-friendly and will endure the test of time. JMH Development managed to transform the skyline of the state of New York, and they are looking forward to changing the skyline of other cities too.

How Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus is Helping Physicians Combat Cancer

Using a combination of machine learning and genomic sequencing analysis, the Chicago-based, tech-startup Tempus is developing a system that will provide oncologists clinical library accessible through their proprietary operating system, allowing doctors to fine tune key components of cancer treatment based on the specific genetics of the patients and their cancers.

Founded Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus works with a dozen health care organizations including Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan and the Mayo Clinic. The firm employs oncology specialists and data scientists working together to create a centralized database that will give physicians the ability to learn from previously treated cancer patients, connect with patients with shared clinical characteristics and increase the expected clinical outcomes of their treatments.

The idea for the company is born from Eric Lefkofsky personal experience with the life threatening disease. Following his wife Elizabeth’ diagnosis with breast cancer, the couple encountered frustrations resulting from the lack of data available to doctors treating the disorder.

Lefkofsky noted the irony that his other startup companies were providing more cancer information to assist truck driver’s than to physicians that were making decisions impacting their patients’ lives.

Having a competitive advantage over his competitors, Lefkofsky, whose estimated net worth exceeds $1.7 billion according to public sources, is able to provide several hundreds of millions in funding to get Tempus through its R&D phases. By contrast, most competitor firms with similar offerings are dependent on 3rd parties to keep their development moving forwards and to keep their operations running.

Aware of the challenges with outcome measurement in the bio-tech space that he is working to change, Lefkofsky is realistic that it could take years before the impact of Tempus’ system is able to be evaluated and actualized.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Inc., Eric Lefkofsky earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School. Lefkofsky also co-founded Uptake, a predictive analytics company and is the chairman and co-founder of GroupOn, a global leader of local commerce.

Additionally, Eric Lefkofsky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife and he is a member of the trustee board of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

In 2014, Lefkofsky published “Accelerated Disruption,” dealing with critical startup considerations facing modern entrepreneurs.