Chris Burch and James McBride, the Owners of the Best Resort in the World

When it is time to travel, you are on your vacations, and you want to find a resort to spend your time and get your well-deserved rest, you should consider taking a look at this resort, created by fashion mogul Chris Burch, which has won the nomination of the best hotel in the world twice in a row.

It is already a big success and quite a deed to be ranked as the best place to rest once, but Nihiwatu’s hotel, located on a remote Indonesian island, has been ranked two consecutive times by the renowned traveling magazine “Travel + Leisure.”

Nihiwatu was rated according to some components like reception, leisure activities, relationship with the local nature and other aspects. Chris Burch’s creation received an excellent score in all of the aspects, and tourists all around the world wanted to meet the creation of the entrepreneur as it was received as one of the biggest experiences that every traveling lover should have at least once in their lives. Quite a reputation, right? The praise for Nihiwatu, however, does not stop there.

The hotel was created by Chris Burch in a partnership with James McBride, the two co-founders of the Nihiwatu.

The building already existed as a local hotel in the Indonesian island, but the duo spent millions of dollars to buy the place and reform it to become one of the best resorts in the vicinity. Little did they know that the place would become so well-received that it would be considered the best in the world… Twice in a row!

According to the Travel + Leisure magazine, the reception of the resort even surpassed the reception of Brando, known for being the preferred traveling destination of Obama.

The place is currently known as “Nihi Sumba Island,” a welcome change from the previous name, Nihiwatu.  More to read about the resort here.

The entrepreneur and specialist said that he and his partner were very honored to be nominated for the Travel + Leisure’s choice for the best hotel in the world. According to him, there will be additional improvements to the structure of the resort in the near future, so fans of the creation should pay attention to the next announcements of the duo.  Additional article on

Chris Burch is definitely known for his success in entrepreneurialism, as he is the founder of many successful brands and companies, like Tory Burch.  To read more about him, visit his website, click on   His partner, James McBride, however, was the specialist in the tourism industry, who proposed to the investor that they should take the chance of investing in the beautiful island and enter the business of tourism.  To read more about his various investments, head over to

It was definitely a success.

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How David McDonald Is Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

David McDonald is the president of the OSI Group and he is helping them improve their sustainability. If you want to find out how he is doing that, as well as info about his work background, educational background and other useful information, then read on.

McDonald’s Work History & Educational Background

David McDonald has been with the OSI Group, a global food processing company, since 1987. He also serves as the director of OSI International Foods and he sits on the company’s board of directors. As for education, he attended Iowa State University. He graduated with a degree in animal science.

How He Is Working At Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

McDonald works at adapting to changing world, which in turns improves the company’s sustainability. He believes that adapting to change ensures the future of the company, but it is important to adapt quickly. He mentioned how consumer trends place a lot of value on how animals are being raised, as well as origin of the products, simple labeling and local sourcing to name a few. McDonald pointed out that OPI Group sometimes has to create solutions to meet the preferences of customers.

McDonald and his team also lets local management handle things at the facilities they work at. This is because local management knows more about the local cultures and what people like. This allows the company to come up with local solutions. This also helps David McDonald OSI Group become more sustainable.

Acquisition Of Baho Foods

About a year ago, OSI Groups acquired Baho Foods, a manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. At the time of the acquisition, McDonald said OPI Group would have a stronger presence in Europe because Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer. He added that the move would help the company meet the needs of their customers.

Ever since starting at OSI Group, McDonald has played a crucial role in its success. It’s expected that this success will continue, as McDonald is always working at improving things at the company.

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How Chris Burch turned a college hobby to millions of dollars

Chris Burch is a well-respected entrepreneur who has created several retail brands. He has also invested in much more. In recent new, Chris Burch has decided to build a business from the ground up in the hospitality industry. Burch and James McBride bought a beach hotel on the Indonesian island of Sumba a couple of years ago and have now spent millions of dollars to give the facility a five-star rating.

The popular resort is called Nihiwatu and it was recently opened in 2015. A year after the facility was reopened it was recognized as one of the best hotels in the world. Burch hopes that his hotel can stay in the family and one day provide jobs for his kids. Also, the facility can be used to give back to surrounding neighborhoods.

When you build a hotel in a remote area that has not yet been explored by mankind, there are so many opportunities to run a unique empire. There can be a pool placed under a waterfall. The crystal clear ocean allows for swimming, snorkeling, and animal watching. The forest provides great areas for hiking and camping.

This new hotel is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. There are a lot of hotel employees that hype up their hotel’s features too much and the place ends up being a bust. At Nihiwatu, the beautiful environment speaks for itself.  Head over to for more reading.

There are small living areas around Nihiwatu that are available for rent. Raja Mendaka, Chris Burch’s private home can be found close to Nihiwatu. Burch spends a lot of time traveling back and forth from Miami to Indonesia. Burch’s private home has four villas, each with their own personal pool. Additional article to read on

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and a current investor. He spends a lot of time investing in small business. He has already made thirteen investments in twelve companies. Burch is very good at marketing products and selling business ideas with a lot of potential. He has an interest in apparel, financial services, hospitality, technology and consumer products. For a glimpse of his various investment ventures, click this.

Burch grew up in Pennsylvania in a middle-class family. He started selling $10 sweaters for $15 during his time at Ithaca College. Burch’s efforts spread to other colleges and eventually made him millions. He became a billionaire in 2012. He has six children.  Related article on

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José AuriemoNeto the Pilot and Driver of JHSF to Success

Being the biggest economy in Latin America, Brazil has its land industry developing quite a long time. Airplane terminals, extravagance flats, gated neighborhood homes, 5-star inns, present day doctor’s facilities, and complex shopping centers have bit by bit expanded over the current past. Land organizations in Brazil have additionally expanded with the expanded request in the business. The same number of as they seem to be, there is one organization that has ruled the business for more than four decades, and even crossed fringes and overwhelmed showcases in the area of Brazil. That organization is known as JHSF Participações S.A., and it is driven by José AuriemoNeto, director and CEO.

JHSF Participações S.A. distinguishes, designs, creates, and oversees top of the line land extends in Brazil, Uruguay, El Salvador, and in the United States. Its first office was opened at Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1972, and later the firm opened branches in Rio de Janeiro and Manaus. To make a solid base in the United States, seemingly the greatest economy on the planet, JHSF Participações S.A. opened two workplaces in the nation one in Miami and one in New York. The organization additionally has operations in Punta Del Este and San Salvador. The organization utilizes near 5000 individuals, all being experts in various controls.

Mark Projects

A decent number of Shopping Centers, Fasano Hotel and Restaurants, and consolidations in Brazil are created by JHSF Participações S.A. Other than that; the organization was contracted by the legislature to build up a present day air terminal in the nation, an air terminal the organization still oversees. Advancement, quality, refinement, and uniqueness characterizes ventures outlined or keep running by JHSF. Throughout the years, JHSF has picked up a notoriety for recognizing openings not seen by other land organizations and making the best out of them. Snap here to know more.

A portion of the striking ventures by JHSF incorporate the Shopping CidadeJardim, Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, Shopping Bella Vista, and the City Garden Corporate Center in Sao Paulo among others.

Jose Auriemo was conceived in Sao Paulo 41 years prior. Zeco, as his companions affectionately call him, assumed control over the initiative of JHSF from his father, Fabio Auriemo, in 2003. He has since driven the organization to expect initiative in the Brazilian land showcase.

Outside of business, Jose is a spouse and a father of two. As a young man, Jose played football as a novice in Norway.

How New Brunswick Got Better Under Boraie Development

Under the guidance of Omar Boraie, Boraie Development has been able to grow the area of New Brunswick and has made it better for all of the people who are living there. What was once an area of crime and destitution is now an area that is filled with vibrancy and is actually one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of New Jersey. There are people who are fighting to come to the city when, just a few years ago, they were fleeing the city as fast as they could. While all of this may not be because of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie has had a huge part in making the city better.

Recently, The Philly Purge did a report on New Brunswick and what Boraie Development has done for the area. New Brunswick has gotten so much better than what it used to be and it is now a popular destination for people who want to be able to come and visit so that they can try new things. It is something that has allowed the company to grow and has given Omar Boraie the options that he needs to make things better for his own business and for the people who he serves. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

While New Brunswick is now one of the most popular destinations for people to move to in New Jersey, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, the area was filled with so much crime in the past that it was something that people wanted to get away from. People were leaving New Brunswick quickly and they had to deal with the opportunities that they had coming out of the city instead of getting the benefits of living so close to cultural and major areas where people could do more for their own lives.

According to NJ Biz, Boraie Development first made the choice to be able to show people what they could get out of the things that they were doing. He originally built up the commercial centers of New Brunswick and that made things better for the city. People came to the commercial areas and then they had to find somewhere they could live. For them to be able to do that, Boraie Development had to build residential areas. This was all part of the plan that Omar Boraie had to make New Brunswick better and to bring more people into the city so that they would be able to improve their own areas.

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Chris Burch Opened The Nihiwatu, The Premier Luxury Holiday Destination In Indonesia

Chris Burch has always been someone who likes good luxurious things in life. He is a venture capitalist who made a fortune in the world of fashion. But taking the work out of his interests, he decided to invest into building a luxury hotel for his children on the pristine island of Nihi Sumba in Indonesia. The hotel has received an incredible response and was rated as one of the best vacation spots by Travel + Leisure magazine for the second time around. The luxury hotel has given the other top hotels in the world a run for their money, as celebrities and famous people have been lining up to have one of the most beautiful vacations in the lap of absolute natural beauty.

Chris Burch is known for the numerous business ventures that he has undertaken and the multiple brands that he has given life to. For a glimpse of Burch numerous business ventures, click  The hotel was a collaborative effort between him and his longtime friend and now business partner, James McBride. McBride is known for putting together numerous projects for luxury hotels around the world. The two business partners spent roughly around thirty million buying the entire island and renovating it to be what it is today. The hotel first opened its doors for business in 2015 and since then has gained a massive fan following, and has appeared on numerous top hotels lists.  The site provides more info about Burch and his field of interest.

The reason Chris Burch bought this property was for his children. But while doing so, he also wanted to make a difference and give back to the community. The opening of Nihiwatu has done wonders for the community and people living on the island. Because of Chris Burch, numerous people on the island can now support their families owing to the incredible amount of jobs that the hotel has for the natives to the beautiful island.  Additional article to read on

The Nihiwatu has exceeded expectations when it comes to a good island vacation. Related article on  Chris Burch wanted to make the entire experience as lavish as possible and implemented some of the most beautiful things to complement the scenery around the hotel. The hotel boasts of some of the best views, and twenty-seven private villas where guests can come and spend their time. Each one of the guests coming here gets their butler, just so that they can feel like royalty, even if it is just for a day. Chris Burch also constructed a home for himself and his family in the Nihiwatu, which is the biggest villa among the lot.  Check this for an update of Burch recent timeline activities.

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Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

As Jay-Z’s landmark 360 deal with Live Nation draws to a close, he has been spreading the word amongst the industry elites about his interest in doing future business deals. Jay-Z’s original deal with Live Nation was revealed to be for 10 years and worth an estimated $150 million. It has been reported that Jay-Z has been in contact with industry titans in order to entertain offers regarding his recorded music business under the Roc Nation label. In the original 360 deal with Live Nation, a buy-sell clause was implemented that will allow either side to purchase the other’s stake in Roc Nation, or purchase the company outright. Additional article on  In today’s market, Live Nation is no longer interested in investing in recorded music, and while this area of their partnership will soon be coming to an end, sources have revealed that the music juggernaut has no intention of ending their touring relationship, as it has been very lucrative for all parties involved. In 2008, during their initial partnership, Live Nation chose to buy into Jay-Z’s and other artists under the Roc Nation imprint’s tights and recorded music, but the climate of the music industry is allegedly the reason behind their change of heart. There are several major artists that currently call Roc Nation home, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, Fat Joe, and Shakira. Read more on

Recently Jay-Z, along with longtime partner Desiree “Dez” Perez, met with Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, at his offices in Santa Monica, CA. There has been speculation that this meeting could mean a growing partnership between Jay-Z, SC Enterprises, and Universal Music Group. More to read on

Desiree “Dez” Perez is a high-ranking executive and longtime confidant of Jay-Z who is responsible for many of the daily operations at Roc Nation.  Check for related article.  She’s is responsible for brokering many of the deals involving Roc Nation artists, including Rihanna’s new deal with Samsung.  For timeline updates from Dez, check this useful link

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Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort ranked the Best in the World

Chris Burch is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States. The serial entrepreneur has been in the business world for four decades, and he has founded and co-founded many internationally known brands. His expertise and experience in the business world have played a fundamental role in his career. Just recently, Chris Burch and his partner, C. Wonder have decided to taste the water and invest in the hospitality industry. More to read on

The two close business associates decided that they were going to purchase a beach hostel that is located on the Indonesian island in the year 2012. The duo is believed to have spent more than thirty million dollars in renovating the hostel. In the year 2015, the partners decided to reopen the facility as a five-star resort, and they named it Nihiwatu. Last year, the resort was named to be the best hotel in the world by the prestigious Travel +Leisure. Related article on

During an interview with Business Jet, Burch revealed that he had bought the hostel for his children. He also thought that this was a way of preserving the environment and giving back to the community. According to him, the area is lovely, and people can easily do the things they cannot do in other recreational places. For the full interview, click on   The businessman has managed to build a spa under the water flow, and he has also included a butler in all the rooms. More insights from Burch on

When renovating the hotel several years ago, Burch did not know that it is going to turn to what it is today. In most instances, this success is rare. However, his expertise in the fashion and hotel world has played a fundamental role in the success of the company. Burch is now forced to split all his time working in the Hamptons, Miami and the resort. The businessman says that the resort has twenty-seven villas that are all private. Burch has a home in the resort too where he can spend some quality time with his family. The section that has his home has a main house, four villas and different private pools.

For Burch’s timeline activity updates, click this helpful link.

People have nicknamed the resort “The Edge of Wilderness,” because of its location and services. The name of the resorts means the mortar stone. The resort acquired this name after the formation of a rock in the tide; the facility was owned by a couple before it was purchased by Chris Burch. However, before Burch acquired the facility, it is was not very popular.

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George Soros the Billionaire Philanthropist Who Keeps On Giving

If there is a billionaire philanthropist who has put his money where his mouth is, it undoubtedly has to be George Soros. In all, he has given away a mind boggling figure of $12 billion over the years. He has proved to be a pillar of support for both people and institutions all over the world. He has been very forthcoming in helping those who strive for free expression, integrity, accountability, fair-play, and equal rights.

He has extended financial support to groups like the Roma community, drug addicts, workers from the sex industry and the LGBT community. The fact that he takes up cudgels on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized might have something to do with his own background of being a Hungarian Jew who saw Nazi occupation of his homeland first hand. His own family escaped by the skin of their teeth by submitting counterfeit papers hiding their true identity. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Soros proceeded to London where he worked as a porter with the railways and a nightclub waiter to finance his London School of Economics course. He went to the US in 1956 where he made his wealth in finance and investment.

His moment of glory came after he launched the hedge fund, Soros Fund Management in 1970 and soon became one of the most successful traders in America ever. Putting his wealth to good use Soros opened the now famous Open Society endeavor that was really a sprawling network of projects, and partners in over a hundred countries. Their mandate was to profess Soros’s cherished ideals of free governance, freedom of speech and individual rights.

George Soros charitable endeavors began in real earnest in 1979 in South Africa when he provided support to black students at the time that the racist Apartheid regime held sway. He supported those calling for reforms in the former communist block of East Europe by providing them with photocopiers that helped reprint proscribed texts. The fall of the Berlin Wall prompted him to create the Central European University to encourage critical thinking, an unheard of concept in the ex- communist nations.

The end of the communist block saw him extend his philanthropy efforts to the U.S., and other continents where he supported a large number of initiatives in the realms of accountability, transparency, and democracy. As a matter of fact he was an early proponent of the first people to denounce the war on drugs as being worse than the problem it was purportedly facing. His efforts led to the start of the medical marijuana initiative in the US. Another pioneering effort of his was to come out in support of gay matrimony in the year 2000. Visit to know more about George.

Whatever may have been the cause he supported it basically never veered away from his basic ideals of a free community that he held so dearly.

Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Stronger

All the naysayers that did not believe that Jay Z could do it, he is proving that Tidal is the company that will soon be at the top in music streaming. He has enlisted the help of Desiree Perez, and he is becoming one of the major forces in the music streaming industry. It appears that he has enlisted someone that has worked with him during his time getting Roc Nation Sports off the ground. She was the one that was there negotiating contracts for athletes, and her skills were quite impressive.

Jay-Z did not forget this or Desiree Perez when he decided to launch Tidal and compete better with Spotify. He gave executives that were in place a chance to prove what they could do, but such a high turnover for the CEO position proved that no one really had the right answers. Jay-Z was endeavoring into new territory. So many of the other streaming sites are free. This meant that Jay-Z had to think of something new and innovative to capture the attention of a crowd. Related article on  For so long music lovers have been getting music for free in a variety of different ways. They have been downloading torrents. They have been sharing files amongst one another. They have been streaming music for free from different apps and websites. This made it difficult for Jay-Z to launch premium music streaming site.  Check for additional article

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It was Desiree that has been able to guide him and help him build a site that is worthy of the price that is paid. She has been in the back ground as part of his circle of influence to help him design a better website. More about Dez on  She has taken the time to negotiate the contract that can help Jay-Z make the best moves for his music streaming service.  To read blogs from Dez, visit her on her page.

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