The Many Progression Adventures of Eric Lefkofsky

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The name Eric Lefkofsky may not ring a bell for most people. The name itself is rather unique, but this guy has been on a personal quest to better mankind. How does a guy, which has gone from selling carpet, end up as a guy who has co-founded several successful companies? The answer is simple because Lefkofsky has put in the hard work, the dedication and the perseverance to become a success. If you take one look at his resume, you’d see just how important this guy truly is. Lets take a further look at what this man has accomplished.

First and foremost, Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder king because he has actually co-founded so many companies/organizations. InnerWorkings, Mediaocean and Echo Global Logistics are all part of his resume. On top of that, the Chicago-based Lightbank and technology giant MediaBank are co-founded companies by this extraordinary man. He knows the ins and the outs of the business world thanks to attending law school. The fight against cancer has been a challenge for millions of people on a global scale. Fortunately, Lefkofsky is the head of one of the top technology companies that specializes in cancer research. Tempus uses some of the most advanced operating systems for battling cancer. It analyzes molecular and clinical data via genomic sequencing services. This company is on its way to housing the most clinical and molecular data on earth. These advanced systems are state-of-the-art as they allow current cancer patients to benefit from prior treatments. Thankfully, this comes from an abundance of beneficial information. To know more about him click here.

There is just no other way to say it. Eric Lefkofsky is participating in one of the most progressive missions of all-time, but that’s rather debatable. Thanks to his wide array of philanthropic services, over 50 organizations have benefited and that speaks volumes.

Lifeline Screening, Your Cardiovascular Disease Savior

Technology has had significant impacts on almost every aspect of life including the medical field. Many positive developments have been made, and several diseases thought to be stubborn put under control. However, cardiovascular diseases have remained adamant even to advanced technology. These diseases have remained at the top of the killer disease list in America for a long time now. A regular checkup to detect the disease at the earliest stage is currently the main approach. Lifeline screening is dedicated to giving all cardiovascular screening tests. It was established in the early 90s in Texas.

How to prepare for a lifeline screening.

Taking a lifeline screening is an important step towards being in charge of your cardiovascular health. The following tips will be helpful in your preparation.


This is your first stop when you enter the facility. Here you will do your inquiries on healthcare  tests you want to take and their costs. Once you are comfortable, you will be given the relevant forms to fill and then do your payment.

Waiting bay

You can sit here and fill your forms if you wish then return them to the reception. From here you will also wait for your turn to be attended and you may wait here again if you are doing more than one test.

Screening area.

This is a private area where you will get into for your tests.

Dressing for lifeline screening

Different screening tests require various body parts. Below are some tips that can be very helpful regardless of the test;

• If you have to wear jewelry, keep it minimal or otherwise avoid them for quick and easy testing

• Switch off your phone to stop any interference with the medical equipment

• Wear shoes that will take the minimum time to remove. Also, avoid very long and tight socks.

• Keep away from oils and lotions since they can be harmful to some of the equipment and even interfere with the results.

• Wear comfortable loose clothing if possible.

• Be sure to fast if you are required to for accurate results.

Your expectations of a lifeline screening

Once you are done with the tests, you will be given the results and recommendations. If you are okay, then that is great news. However, you need to keep going for tests regularly since it can take long before you have any signs. In case of any signs noted you will be advised accordingly and it will be the right time to receive quick treatments to prevent any major issues. It can also be an excellent time to change your lifestyle for a better health.

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Rocketship Education Brings A Brighter Future To Low-Income Communities

Building a better education system is something almost every individual can agree on regardless of their political leanings or educational background which is why Rocketship Education has become such a major success across parts of San Jose and other areas of the U.S. The inequality of the U.S. public school system has been growing in recent years as the opportunities to find success for members of low-income communities have shrunk to make it almost impossible to attend a traditional public school and carve out a path to a four-year college; Rocketship Education is seeing the first students attending its schools upon opening its doors in 2006 make their way to four-year educational institutions.

Low-income communities have often been underserved by the traditional public school systems of the U.S. where local people are often given little to no choices in delivering any options for their own students to enjoy a better future and live out the “American Dream”. Rocketship Education has been a developer of new ideas and committed to bringing the best educators to its teams located in many of the communities often ignored by traditional public school officials.

A range of activities and pursuits are being explored by the academic leaders at Rocketship Education as they look for the best ways of making sure the most students available have the chance to explore the educational opportunities on offer at the network of charter schools. The drive for an extension of the Rocketship Education charter school program to move into the traditional public school middle and high school sectors has seen the charter school network develop a parent leadership program. By informing and educating the parents of Rocketship Education students the drive to develop middle and high schools has been taken on by many who have led the drive for more charter schools across the nation.

Building community leaders have been a major part of the rise of Rocketship Education over the course of its life since 2006 when the first location opened in a San Jose Church. The transformation of the San Jose has been added to as part of the drive to include more low-income communities in the redevelopment of this area of California.

The Ever So Busy Life of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is doing some amazing things and her fans are definitely talking to their friends about the creative Bumble app. Most people that are utilizing a dating app in this day and age are considering the possibilities of dating through multiple dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe hopes that Bumble will be one of the apps that users consider when they decide to step into the dating app world. At one time there was a stigma with dating apps, but entrepreneurs like Whitney Wolfe have made dating apps cool for a millennial generation.

Whitney Wolfe is able to create this type of excitement for millennials because she is part of the millennial generation herself. People that may have never considered using a dating app before will see someone like the striking young entrepreneur that is Whitney Wolfe and totally change their mindset on dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe got married this year, and she continued to expand her company. It goes without saying that this has been a very busy year for Whitney Wolfe, but she doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. In fact, many people might say that Whitney Wolfe is working harder than ever before.

There is a reason for her passion in the app development environment. In the past she was a newcomer and she was barely on the radar for other app developers that were already established. Today Whitney Wolfe has to work much harder to ward off competition, and that is the reason for her passion in the app development environment. In the past she was a newcomer and she was barely on the radar for other app developers that were already established.

Today Whitney Wolfe has to work much harder because other app developers like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook recognize who she is. Other companies like Match have actually tried to buy Bumble for 400 million.

What this essentially means is that Whitney Wolfe is a threat to other app developers that were comfortable. Whitney Wolfe is in a place where she could actually lure social media users away from one app to hers. She realizes that the competition is heavy, and that is why she is working so hard this year.

Whitney Wolfe realizes that she is sitting on a hot app that could become very profitable if she continues to promote Bumble. She knows the worth of this multi-dimensional social media app.

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Roberto Santiago’s Dream Come True

Many investments are done in an attempt to generate profits. This is the primary goal of every investor. Roberto Santiago deviated from this belief. His investment was mainly to improve the welfare of his people. He had observed that his people had to travel to get to the luxury joints. This was when his dream was born. He wanted to create a recreational facility that had all the items needed to have fun. Santiago wanted to eliminate the transportation cost that they had to incur for fun activities. Roberto Santiago achieved his goal.

Roberto Santiago finally launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall that is a significant source of entertainment in Brazil. This did not come easy. It was through patience, determination and hard work that this came to reality. Like any other entrepreneur, Santiago began small. He worked for a decor company, Café Rosa. He used this chance to acquire skills and learn the necessary skills of a décor company. This is one trait of a successful investor that clients should learn from Santiago. Utilizing every opportunity, they get, maximally.

With this knowledge, Santiago began his own cartonnage company. Here he developed cardboard from cartoons. This business flourished and became a prominent home décor company in Brazil. However, his passion was in Real Estate. This is why in 1987, he bought the land of Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. By 1989, he launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. It covered an area of 75000m2 and had a total of 280 buildings. This covered all the problems of the Joao Pessoa people.

The occupants called the mall a small city. This is because it has all the social amenities and luxury that an individual would need for survival. The mall has healthcare facilities, colleges, schools, food courts, financial institutions, jewelry stores among other facilities. This has, therefore, simplified the shopping activities of the people. They now get to shop everything under one roof. This saves time.

The Manaira Mall has also rekindled many relationships and families in Joao Pessoa. This is because of the chance to engage in fun activities together. Even families who never used to go out in the name of having to shop for next week can now multitask. This is because they can finally have the fun and shop at the same venue.

Far from the fun activities, the Roberto Santiago investment has improved the living standards of the people. This is because of the employment opportunities that have come along with it. Many people are employees at the Manaira Mall. The investment has also attracted multiple business setups.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has wholly revolutionized the life of the people of Joao Pessoa. Investors are encouraged to be considerate like Santiago when investing. This means putting the needs of his people prior the profit-making factor.


Lori Senecal Iconic Career

Lori Senecal, the renowned CEO of CP + B, says that she truly began in the business world amid secondary school, when she trained their vaulting group. Doing this gave her initiative abilities, and it showed her how to impart without judging individuals cruelly, which truly bailed her out in the realm of business. When she was a mentor, she was a pioneer. When you are a pioneer, you remain a pioneer until the end of time. Her attributes of perfection and sympathy truly bailed her out in the publicizing business, in light of the fact that these two qualities prompt the achievement of a promotion crusade. In the promoting scene, you are just tantamount to your last battle. She realizes that keeping in mind the end goal to profit, other individuals (her promoting customers) need to profit. Each advertisement battle she sets up is a crushing achievement. She as of late talked at the 3% gathering.

CP + B turned out to be so beneficial due to her characteristics of inspiration, enthusiasm, her drive for magnificence, and her other administration qualities. Setting up a beneficial promotion battle requires some serious energy, however she positively accelerated the procedure. Her first client really went to her, in light of the name she made for herself as a pioneer. Her notoriety from McCann Erickson additionally bailed her out. Check out GCReport to know more.

She settles on extreme choices each and every day, she says. Nonetheless, she credits her folks for her prosperity, and also her coaches. Also, she says that her capacity to think unmistakably and concentrate exactly on each issue that surfaces is a major factor in her prosperity. She says that she is motivated by Apple and Steve Jobs, and that she is amped up for the fate of innovation as it identifies with publicizing. Visit LinkedIn for more info.

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She was likewise the CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. She sets a high bar for herself and dependably leaves her customary range of familiarity.

She learned at McGill University. She headed the New York Office of McCann Erickson, and she was instrumental in helping vast enterprises like Xbox and Coca Cola create publicizing systems and crusades. She has likewise added to the promoting efforts of organizations like BMW and American Express.

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Entrepreneur, Logan Stout

Logan Stout is the CEO of IDLife. He was born in Richardson, Texas and went to J.J Pearse H.S. before later progressed to the University of Dallas. Logan later became a Youth Minister and Worship Leader at the First Methodist Church Coppell.

Logan was an excellent basketball and baseball player. However, his love for baseball outweighed that of the former. Therefore, he pursued it after high school. He achieved a position at the Student Athletic Council for being excellent in sports; for having outstanding leadership qualities, and his excellence in class.

After progressing to college, he became a youth coach, something he came to love because he could get to nurture the youths into not only good players but also respectable leaders in society. He also coached at the Baptist University of Dallas. Panola is where he acquired his business degree, after graduating Summa Cum Laude. He achieved a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas.

Apart from being the CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout is also the Chief Executive Officer of Dallas Patriots and the founder of Premier Baseball Academy. Dallas Patriots baseball organization is on the leaderboard of baseball organizations internationally; it is one of the largest.

IDLife was formed in May 2014. It is an organization of direct sales for healthcare products; a health and wellness company. It has partners like Darwin Deason and Troy Aikman. Being a best-selling author himself, Logan has garnered the support of various other writers and also fitness ambassadors, in the mission to educate people on the importance of health and wellness.

Logan is a published man, a successful entrepreneur. He has the dream of transforming young people, and he pursues this by training and educating them. Logan is one of the world’s most sought keynote speakers because of his successful history and incredible track record. His leadership skills and team building qualities are respected and identified globally.

Logan Stout is a family man. He is married to Haley Stout, and they have two sons; Miles and Cooper. They live in Frisco, Texas. Logan and his wife patron the Boys and Girls Club, Collin County; the American Heart Association of North Texas, and they founded the Youth Athletes Foundation.

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Julia Jackson’s success in the wine industry

Julia JacksonWine is an integral part of Julia Jackson’s life. It is a venture that defines her and her passion for business. Julia Jackson has worked at the Jackson family wines across its international wineries. She delights in painting wine labels and redesigning websites for wineries in order to give them a fresh look. Her talent in art is eminent. She is keen on ensuring her family business develops and is able to remain competitive in the wine industry.Some of the wineries she has worked at include Santa Maria Cambria winery, Arcanum among others. She is very hardworking, a skill that was instilled at an early age. Born in 1988 in San Francisco, Julia grew up alongside her father who ensured his children gained knowledge of the wine business. Her exposure at an early age has evidently led to her dedication towards learning and growing the business. She has acquired the necessary skills growing up while working at the family wineries. Among other brands, Jackson family wines produce the Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Julia JacksonJulia attended Scripps College where she graduated with bachelors in studio art. She taught French as an undergraduate student at the college. She was fluent in the language having spent most of her youth working in France at the family wineries. She also took part in modelling at the college that propelled her love for art and culture. Julia also attended the intensive summer Institute at Stanford University. She undertook a general management program. Julia works with the Cambria Estate winery, a non-profit organization that works towards empowering women. She is a spokesperson for the organization and a co-founder. The organization aims at providing financial aid to organizations that advocate for women development.

Logan Stout Wants People To Be At Their Best

Logan Stout is someone who believes that people are at their best when they have their bodies well cared for and they are healthy. He believes that a person should focus on health take good care of their body. Logan Stout is someone who is there for those who would like to change their bodies, and he has founded a company that is meant to provide products to those who are looking to live as healthy people. IDLife is a company that provides people with nutritional products that help them be at their best. Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of that company.

When he was asked about how he got started doing what he does, Logan Stout shared that it was a natural fit for him. He shared that he has always enjoyed encouraging others. Since he enjoys helping others feel better and pushing them on to live their lives in the best way, he has found work that allows him to do that. He has worked as a minister and a coach, and he runs a company that provides people with products that help them to be at their best. It is a love of encouraging others – and an overall love of people – that has pushed Logan Stout to work in the area that he does.

Logan Stout was asked about how it is that he makes money, what he does to earn a living. He shared that he is a motivational speaker. He is someone who talks to groups of people to help them learn how they can be the best versions of themselves. He earns money by speaking and by pushing people to change. He has also written a book that is something that pushes people to be at their best and that helps him to earn a living. Logan Stout also earns money through his company, IDLife, and the products that it puts out. He wants people to be at their best, and he earns a good living while pushing them to try harder and be better.

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The Incident: Relaunching the Frontera Fund’s Origin in a Recap

In the present time of 2017, America is quite possibly at it’s peak of experiencing unlawful injustices against civilians. The relationship between police officer and the general public in the past two to three decades has not been a positive one. Bursting with bubbling tension, the factions domesticating America has adopted the identity of “us against them” with no sight of changing anytime soon.

Rewind 10 years prior and enter the story of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin; two men who were executives of the Village Voice Media in Arizona unlawfully handcuffed and arrested by a nefariously behaved sheriff named Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe Arpaio personally declared himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff” living up to his title by getting his “Selective Enforcement Unit” to arrest two media journalist.

And for what reason? Writing of course.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was suspected to be involved in some shady operations in his county’s office. When the Phoenix New Times stories ousted his unfavorable actions(mismanagement of money, retaliation against critics, and unsafe jail conditions), needless to say he became frustrated.

Lacey and Larkin wrote a cover story for the Phoenix New Times exposing how the Sheriff wrongfully subpoenaed for information about the newspaper’s employees, specific content created, and sensitive information. The subpoenas were grand jury regulated to apply tons of pressure to those affiliated and directly employed with the Phoenix New Times. It would seem intimidation and fear would be “America’s Toughest Sheriff” greatest weapons of demonization.

Invalidation and Increase

As with many offenses caught in the line of sight by the social masses, this is another situation declared “foul” as a result of pettiness and power corruption. The sheriff did very little to mask his disdain for his critics by arresting them without probable cause. This would involve prosecution ignoring certain legal procedures when distributing the grand jury served subpoenas. Such performance is unprofessional and unbecoming of a prosecutor.

Due to the invalidation of the grand jury subpoenas, Lacey and Larking were released from custody 24 hours after their arrest. The case making its way to appellate court brought fourth a settlement awarding Lacy and Larkin $3.7 million in 2013. This hefty pay day would soon give way to financial support now known as the Frontera Fund.

For all intended purposes, the money is used to edify and improve the Hispanic community who may or may not have experienced civilian hardships in Arizona. Despite, the money is put to good use for Hispanic immigrants to properly transition into Arizona for better economical and lifestyle opportunities.

Frontera Fund – Joe Arpaio