For COO and president of OSI Group, David McDonald, adapting to the ever changing needs of the consumer is a key his company’s success.

As President and COO of OSI Group, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the consumer is the key to the company’s success. David McDonald has been with OSI Group for 30 years; he started as a project manager in his first role at OSI Group.

David McDonald’s ability to lead and his impressive track record at the executive level, has earned OSI much praise for its high level of excellence in the food sector.

Over his lengthy occupation as COO, David McDonald has bettered OSI Group by attaining key business milestones and successfully expanding into many international markets like Europe, India, and China. OSI Group has also received awards and commendations during McDonald’s long business tenure at OSI. McDonald joined OSI Group thirty years ago as a project manager.

In regards to David McDonald educational background, he earned a bachelor’s degree in from Iowa State University in Animal Science in 1987. McDonald currently serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. One of McDonald’s philosophies about business success is that a company like OSI Group should be able to adapt to meet the continually changing needs and tastes of the consumer, and food trends. McDonald notes that by being flexible and adapting to market shifts, a business has a high likelihood of surviving. McDonald also quipped that it is important to listen to the consumer because they are the actual innovators.

Under COO, David McDonald and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, the senior executives decided to purchase Baho Foods, a Dutch food company in August of 2016. This acquisition, as McDonald asserted, would provide a stronger presence for OSI in Europe.

In December 2016, OSI Group bought UK-based food company, Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is one of the subsidiaries of the Flagship Food Group, an American company headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Today, OSI Group operates in 17 countries, maintains 67 facilities, which are located worldwide, and has approximately, 20 thousand employees.

Founded as Otto & Sons, Inc., in 1909, this family-owned meat business was based in Chicago, Illinois. However, Otto & Sons began to grow when it started to supply meat for the future, world-renowned hamburger franchise, McDonald’s. Since those early days of Otto & Sons, the company has become a billion-dollar company, that is today called OSI Group. And according to Forbes, OSI Group is the 58th biggest private company in America. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

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OSI Group and The Latest Expansion Progress of Its Operations

There have for quite so many years now been so many companies that die off like flies. Their ideas are good, but they’re not grounded in reality. They can’t tackle the real problems in the world, and they don’t generate the kind of solutions their clients want. Fortunately, we also have companies like OSI Group, which is a world leader in providing the answers that the other companies can’t offer.

The Recent Purchase of Baho Food

There is much news you can read lately about OSI Group, but one of the more prominent and critical stories today is about the acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Group. Sure, this acquisition can be interpreted as a way of eating up the game, to compete with industry in an aggressive way, and a way to deal with a threat. This can’t be farther from the truth in the case of OSI Group. It is a decision that will make a consolidated effort to offer more people the incredible services that OSI Group has to offer.

The world has known that Baho Food has built a reputation for producing quality and a variety of range in deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. With the five subsidiary companies with OSI, we can see that Baho has indeed made it sure that they have served a community who needs quality food products. That said, it’s so easy for Baho to transition the company to something bigger and better, and one right way to do that is to partner and consolidate with OSI.

Broad European Presence

One robust analysis of the acquisition would say that the move of OSI to acquire the company is a move to expand a strong presence in the European market. They could have started with their own brand, but when Baho Group realized that it would have been better to build a partnership with them, then OSI just gave in to the need and the opportunity. With such merging, OSI can now leverage Baho’s strong processing strengths and evolve the current methods they have to find a better way to serve their customers. This transition, by the way, won’t be hard to manage, though. OSI will be keeping the current executives of Baho, including its managing director John Balvers. The entire management team and work with senior OSI leaders in Baho would also be offering the same quality leadership that got Baho to the top.

The Spain Expansion

It must also be mentioned here that OSI is extending its operations in Spain. Spain’s OSI Food Solutions will be making sure that their chicken products are going to be doubled in size, and will also increase its output. It will be targeting to increase its annual capacity of chicken products to about 12,000 tons. This means that the production rate would be doubled. That’s not all. With the new arrangement and method from OSI, it is still going to be growing in its overall production, including its output in their beef and pork products.

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Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group Retains his Position during the Buyout

Fortress Investment Group is a top investment management firm that utilizes modern technology and specialized expertise to bring forth successful investment strategies to credit, liquid markets, traditional asset management and private equity on behalf of more than 2,000 institutional investors. After serving more than 2,000 clients, Fortress Investment Group attracted Softbank to acquire it. Recently, the deal was sealed. According to reports from the management of the two organizations, Fortress Investment Group will be run as an independent organization and Peter Briger, one of the four principals will be retained as a leader within. From the look of it, Peter Briger is an indispensable, instrumental leader.

Peter Briger is an admired business leader whose input in the world of investment cannot be ignored. Residing in San Francisco where he works as well, Briger has a vast wealth of knowledge in investment and asset management. With him in the administration, he has been an invaluable leader who oversees private equity management in over $65 billion accounts.Briger graduated from the Princeton University. He also studied business administration from the Wharton School of Business. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked at the famous Goldman Sachs. In his capacity in the company, he oversaw operations in different departments and ensured that the board of directors implemented the right policies for impressive financial results. Besides, he was in charge Global Control as well as the Compliance Committee.

Briger’s roles extend to him working at the Asian Management Committee where he maintained the firm’s operations by overseeing management and finance allocation. Also co-heading the fixed assets department, he oversaw the issuing of loans in the Whole Loan Sales department.Mr. Briger was a visionary leader in all ways. That is why he assisted Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities to maintain its operations and financial position. An additional division he helped to retain is the Asian Distressed Debt Business.Briger is not only an investment professional. Away from his office, he contributes to several philanthropic activities linked to community service. For starters, he is a lead executive at the Silicon Valley Leadership Council that dedicates its funding to help children. Besides, he is a board member of the famous Council of Foreign Relations. This is a not-for-profit organization that disseminates essential and factual knowledge on foreign policy issues. Briger’s input in the industry of finance is notable in the light of him serving as a role model for young entrepreneurs and prospective investors.

They Brown Agency- best avenue to expose your talent

Posted on March 21, 2018 in Careers

Justin Brown, founder of The Brown Agency who lived in Austin, Tx. He studied business management in college. He believed on working behind the screen. He also worked at a modeling agency. Justin Brown then thought of making bodies that fit in any cloth types. After working for different professional agencies and making his name there, he then decided to train models and make them conquer the world with their talent. After attaining Heyman Talent South, Wilhelmina Austin has begun its journey as The Brown Agency. It was launched in the summer of 2015. It is central Texas’s leading agency providing the distinguished exposure. With the combination of the stupendous and grand talent agencies, The Brown Agency came up with the best of adequacy, potency and efficiency maintaining its uniqueness. It quickly developed to be an industry trend setter with the aim to meet the standards and expectations of its clients. Because of its vitality, exclusiveness and capabilities, it became the only full-service agency in Austin.


Texas got The Brown Agency as one of the few big names in this industry. It has become one of the most esteemed, admired and valued agency in central Texas known for hunting the best modeling talents. With the existence of this agency, clients acquire a larger aspect and frame of professional talent. They are now accessible to the larger scale opportunities across the country. The company is very proud to find the very best, sharp and talent with the broader portfolio, making them supreme and strengthened. It delivers the most skillful, proficient and accomplished talent to the industry. This agency has its headquarters in Austin, Dallas has its offices and it also has its availability in Los Angeles. Check out their website



The former head of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown is directing the company as CEO and president of The Brown Agency. Heyman Talent-South founder, Michael B. Bonne’e will lead the theatrical division of The Brown Agency lending his abilities and knowledge. The Brown Agency is known for its dynamic commercial talent and modeling agency, feeding clients with the number of alternative talent choices. It provides talent with competence to some of the biggest brands of the world that also include Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and many other professional, famous and renowned companies



David McDonald is Changing the Food Production Industry

Mr. David McDonald commands a lot of respect in the food department. Many people know the businessman as one of the few personalities who have contributed so much to the growth and success of the OSI Group. At the moment, David has been given the position of chief operating officer and president of the OSI Group. Thanks to the amount of hard work he has invested in this company, the food processing firm is now one of the leaders in the international market. Running an international company that has so many branches in many parts of the world is not an easy task. The businessman has so many skills in leadership, and he knows the efforts he has to put so that a company is successful. His personal resume explains why he has been performing so well over the years.

David was born in a middle-class family several decades ago. When he was going to acquire his education, the businessman did not know that he was going to perform well in the food production department. The businessman went to study animal science at one of the prestigious university. After four years of hard work, the businessman graduated from the institution, having attained a degree in animal science. David performed so well in his studies, and this is one of the reasons he has led a great career life.

When OSI group was looking for professionals for various positions, David had just completed his education, and he was looking for a position to practice his skills. Because David had received so many awards while at the university, he managed to acquire a position at the OSI Group. The management of this firm knew that the businessman was hard working, and they knew that he was going to deliver the kind of results the people were looking for. The company has never regretted having David McDonald in the institution. Apart from being a top executive with a lot of dedication, the businessman has all the qualities of a corporate leader. When he joined the company many years ago, David was not working as the president. Several years later, he has been promoted to top and executive roles because he has all the qualities. OSI Group has managed to open different branches because of the excellent services it has been getting from David McDonald and other crucial personalities such as Sheldon Lavin. The firm has increased its services to consumers too.

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The Perfect Combination of Wainscoting and Chair Rails

With a chair rail molding, you can add an architectural interest in a space in the easiest and most cost-effective way.

More often than not, chair rails are paired with a modern wainscoting panel. But they can stand on their own too.

The question is what are the rules applied to chair rail and wainscoting installation – if any? The answer has to do with the purpose of such trimwork. What’s the reason for installing such moldings and panels? How are they related to the space?

IMG 1The reasons for wainscoting installation

It’s fair to say that a wall panel wainscoting will be paired with a chair rail – at least in most cases. And the reason for wainscoting the walls is to add an aesthetic appeal along with its traditional function, which is to protect the wall while concealing imperfections.

So, what we have here is a triple reason for wainscoting installation. And this is actually a good balance between function and aesthetics.

Therefore, it’s natural that there are so many options between styles, ranging from bead board to raised and flat wainscot panels. To take it a step further, there are many wainscoting solutions because people lately install these special wall panels everywhere – from staircases and foyers to bathrooms and dining rooms. And the higher the demand the greater the choices, including materials – which also range from the traditional wood panels to PVC.

What’s the purpose of installing a wall panel wainscoting?

Apart from the obvious aesthetical and practical purposes, a raised or flat panel must add some architectural interest. And this happens when it is installed at the right height and its style meets the aesthetics in a particular room.

IMG 2Chair rails serve similar needs

The chair rail design is the board covering the upper part of the beadboard. That’s how we associate with it. Traditionally, it meant to cover the wall at the height of chairs to provide protection. And here is where debates start. Some would tell you that the chair rail should be at 36” above the floor. Some would argue that chair rails should be installed approximately 24” over the floor. So, which are the rules regarding chair rail installation?

Chair rails with wainscoting or not?

If we are talking about installing a raised panel along with a chair rail, we are actually talking about the height of the wainscot. And this has to do with the ceiling’s height. But it also has to do with the visual effect you are after. Installing the wainscot and thus chair rail halfway up the floor might create a static effect. Installing it too high might make the room look smaller. Installing too low will seem too poor.

It’s all about proportions

When you walk into a room, it must feel right. There is a reason why rooms are designed in certain heights along with door openings. They are shaped with the human size in mind. So when we are talking about chair rails, they must be installed to offer the impression of right proportions.

IMG 3After all, what is the chair rail?

It’s a molding which separates the wall into two different parts. So, it’s all about proportion and scale. And so the rule is that there are no fixed rules. In contrast to the common belief, the ancient chair rails were installed at different heights, but always in proportion to the ceiling height. 10-ft ceiling rooms could have chair rails installed 24” but also 30” over the floor. And since they were often paired with wainscoting panels, these were either large or narrow too. Hence, the right proportion is not associated with just the room’s height but also has to do with the relation between moldings.

Scale & proportion must lead the way

The boards used to trim the house must relate to each other – from the crown molding to the baseboard. It is all about scale and proportion! And if you want to feel good in a room, it’s better to keep the chair rail and thus wainscoting a bit lower instead of a bit higher to avoid creating the impression of a stuffed space.

Now, why flat or raised panel wainscoting marries perfectly with chair rails? The truth is that a chair rail can stand on its own just to split the wall into two different sections. The trap is that it might only distract the eye without adding any interest to the architectural style of the room. So, it’s often best to marry the two to add more weight. If you want to keep them from distracting the eye, you can simply paint them in the wall color.

Meet the Elephant in Food Supply, OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 Food Companies that offers premium brand quality food services around the world. The company is a world-class food provider, which has several partnerships with prominent food solution companies as well as retail food brands.

OSI Industries provides exclusive food ideas that are well received around the world. It is ranked among the top 100 for its unique and exception provision of quality products and its career opportunities. With more than 20,000 employees, the company has changed many lives with the 65 facilities it runs across several countries.

Headed by Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer, the story of OSI Group has been nothing success. Two years ago, in 2016, the company was the winner of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award, which was presented by the British Safety Council for exemplifying and portraying the best environmental risks management.

OSI Industries has the financial capacity to offer you limitless opportunities regarding sourcing, developing, producing or distributing custom food services like breakfast, lunches, entrées among others. With a passion for innovation and its dedication, the OSI Group family always is on the lookout for individuals with the right skill, fresh idea, and any other innovative solution. It posts relevant links on its website for those seeking for employment telling them to upload their resumes for consideration.

For many years, the company has banked on partnership investments to better their services and bring ideal food concepts to life. It is transparent and has measures that ensure product growth solution at incredible values.

The company has so far acquired three companies; Baho Foods, Tyson Food Plant, and Flagship Europe. The buying of the Tyson food plant in 2016, according to OSI, was to allow them to better their operations and meet the rapid demands of their customers.

By buying Baho Foods, which has customers in 18 European countries, OSI Group processing operations and dealings in those countries would further be strengthened. During the same year, the enterprise acquired Flagship Europe, which supplies poultry products, pies, food dressings among others. The venture was to expand the conglomerate and create more opportunities for better customer satisfaction.

OSI Group has been in existence for many years. It was first known as Otto and Sons. For more than six decades, OSI Group has provided food solutions to states around the world. Currently, it runs its facilities in 17 countries, most of which have been awarded in various categories.

The corporation has a reliable food chain system with a worldwide supply that guarantees the best customer experience. It safeguards the consumer’s brand and preserves the recommended standards of quality if not better.

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Equities First Holdings French Tribune

Reaching out to investors through providing loans can help grow the world of investment. People with business ideas seek to have a company that offers quick loan. Equities First Holdings gives credit to individuals as well as businesses. The firm started in Australia in the year 2002 by Al Christy Jr.

The company spreads its roots to many other countries in the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. The company is flourishing for more than fourteen years. The technicians have enough training to handle the modern systems used. The workers are hardworking and honest. Equities First Holdings offer margin loan to shareholders.

The performance of stocks and shares is the criterion we use to determine the amount of loan we can give. Apart from giving out credits, the firm has specialists who educate other business owners on how to settle the critical financial matters. The systems run for many hours every day to give ample time to serve the customers.

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Find a Job You Love at CTCA – Job Openings

Instead of becoming irritated and bored with your current job, find a job that you’ll truly love at CTCA soon. They have many interesting job openings that pay well, give employees more say in their work and offer substantial benefit packages that other organizations often don’t offer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been around for decades providing superior and caring cancer care for all of their grateful patients. Now this splendid healthcare organization is currently hiring for new and exciting job positions that offer many outstanding healthcare and other stellar employee benefits plus a relaxed working atmosphere that generates a more positive health environment for both patients and the many dedicated employees.

If you or someone you know is interested in a job change that can be rewarding and offer exciting added benefits, don’t delay in getting your applications in as soon as possible. These fantastic job opportunities don’t come along often enough. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long been a leader in progressive cancer treatments, daily care and ongoing state-of-the-art research trials. Many employees love working for such a forward-thinking organization that strives to constantly improve their already sensational cancer care by getting valuable insight from patients, employees and others in the cancer field.

The result is a surprisingly upbeat work atmosphere where employees feel free to voice their concerns and any personal ideas in making the work they do even better. This constantly improving healthcare group is fully invested in retaining the good employees that have been loyal to the company for many years. This operation gives employees many options for lateral or vertical career moves that keeps their job benefits and encourages them to pursue their further higher education goals knowing that they have a fantastic job waiting. Find out more by contacting CTCA soon.


Agora Financial is a private publishing company in Baltimore, Maryland that works in helping those in retirement to make informed choices on the less capital they have saved. Many people are not specialist in financial market; they cannot be able to predict how the direction of the market trend. People want to control the usage of their money on their own and don’t want to depend on investor groups which mainly wish to benefit from the commissions given. About Agora Financial it is a company that assists individuals in the financial market through publications, articles, newsletters, seminars, and documentaries which are free. The company currently has over a million readers who can manage and know how to build their wealth through the company.

They offer a variety of journals each enabling the reader to understand different companies which can assist an individual to develop their money. The journals also give tips to the readers on how they can get an income and protect the revenue they get in case of an unsteady economy crisis. The company ensures its users that they are not biased and not bribed into getting a client to obtain services for a specific firm. Unlike many companies, the employees in Agora company do not sit in an office and work there, but instead, they go to places far and wide to find excellent opportunities for their clients.

The company’s budget in traveling and research in a year can amount to more than 1 million dollars with the aim of looking for a good investment company for their clients. The company seems for good investment companies which have not already become a house name since such investment companies are mostly expensive and the investments made in such companies mainly go to early investors. They look for companies which embrace new ideas for clients to invest. The company employees comprise of a billionaire who built his wealth, a geologist trained in Harvard; bond experts acknowledged by the world a nominated journalist of Pulitzer price, three-time New York bestselling author, a filmmaker who has won many awards, a former banker to presidents and an ex-hedge fund manager.