OSI Group and The Latest Expansion Progress of Its Operations

There have for quite so many years now been so many companies that die off like flies. Their ideas are good, but they’re not grounded in reality. They can’t tackle the real problems in the world, and they don’t generate the kind of solutions their clients want. Fortunately, we also have companies like OSI Group, which is a world leader in providing the answers that the other companies can’t offer.

The Recent Purchase of Baho Food

There is much news you can read lately about OSI Group, but one of the more prominent and critical stories today is about the acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Group. Sure, this acquisition can be interpreted as a way of eating up the game, to compete with industry in an aggressive way, and a way to deal with a threat. This can’t be farther from the truth in the case of OSI Group. It is a decision that will make a consolidated effort to offer more people the incredible services that OSI Group has to offer.

The world has known that Baho Food has built a reputation for producing quality and a variety of range in deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. With the five subsidiary companies with OSI, we can see that Baho has indeed made it sure that they have served a community who needs quality food products. That said, it’s so easy for Baho to transition the company to something bigger and better, and one right way to do that is to partner and consolidate with OSI.

Broad European Presence

One robust analysis of the acquisition would say that the move of OSI to acquire the company is a move to expand a strong presence in the European market. They could have started with their own brand, but when Baho Group realized that it would have been better to build a partnership with them, then OSI just gave in to the need and the opportunity. With such merging, OSI can now leverage Baho’s strong processing strengths and evolve the current methods they have to find a better way to serve their customers. This transition, by the way, won’t be hard to manage, though. OSI will be keeping the current executives of Baho, including its managing director John Balvers. The entire management team and work with senior OSI leaders in Baho would also be offering the same quality leadership that got Baho to the top.

The Spain Expansion

It must also be mentioned here that OSI is extending its operations in Spain. Spain’s OSI Food Solutions will be making sure that their chicken products are going to be doubled in size, and will also increase its output. It will be targeting to increase its annual capacity of chicken products to about 12,000 tons. This means that the production rate would be doubled. That’s not all. With the new arrangement and method from OSI, it is still going to be growing in its overall production, including its output in their beef and pork products.

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