Nick Vertucci Is Helping To Mentor Others With His New Book

In April of 2018, Nick Vertucci took to announcing the launching of his first ever book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed”. In the book, Nick talks about the personal experiences he shared and a guide to learning what you need to know for helping to become successful over time within real estate.

“Shark Tank” shark, Kevin Harrington helped to pen the very special forward of his book as well as an endorsement by Dean Cain, actor and producer. The business memoir is already been responsible for more than a thousand copies of this book. Already known as being a bestseller for Amazon in the Kindle Store.

When Nick Vertucci lost everything within his computer technology world, he went on to enter into the real estate industry which is where he ended up making a number of mistakes. He landed himself in a world of depression and then went on to enter into the real estate training circuit. He landed himself a mentor who helped him learn everything that he needed to know for being successful.

When Nick Vertucci had finally made himself a solid foundation in the real estate bracket, he turned his life upside down once again. This time he made it for the better. His life and his business were turned around once more. The hope was to then take all of his knowledge and share it with others to help others learn what they needed to know in order to be able to learn the ropes.

Inside of the 350 page memoir, Nick Vertucci has the fundamental steps to becoming succesful by sharing his own personal experiences as well as sharing what mistakes he made while learning the ropes. The hope that Nick has is to help others to avoid the same mistakes that he has made. He hoped to let this book be a guide to others.

Nick Vertucci has made a name for himself by learning from mistakes he has made and used those mistakes to make something better of his life. He has been lucky enough to have a mentor who helped him along the way and for this reason, Nick wanted to help others by being a mentor for others. By writing this book, Nick is able to be a mentor to a large number of people who are in need of guidance of rebuilding their own lives. Nick has been lucky enough to be just the person they need to learn from.

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