NGP VAN On The Path To Digitize Politics

Politics has considerably changed since 1950’s when elections were more labor intensive. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology, political campaigns are conducted diffrently. For instance, data is used to identify potential voters that may support a candidate. Democrats have used this model of technology in their recent campaigns. President Obama’s presidential campaigns which were powered by NGP VAN are a good example where technology was used in political campaigns.

NGP VAN and the Democrats

NGP VAN is a company that helps Democrats to run successful elections through the use of technology. The company gives Democrats an advantage in the race due to the use of technology-focused campaign strategies. NGP VAN is headquartered in Washington DC and provides data and technology services to other organizations and institutions as well.

Technology focused campaigns

It is paramount to remember that technology is always changing. For instance, a technological strategy used in 2016 elections cannot be viable in the next elections. These technologies have the ability to significantly influence politics in the near future and therefore political parties should embrace the emerging trends. Thus, any campaign strategy that ignores web and mobile platforms will most probably lead to loss of elections.

Technological intensive campaign

Contemporary election politics has been transformed by the use of technology. The use of technology in politics was most prominent during President Obama’s campaigns where web-based platforms were used to reach out to the voters. The platforms also helped voters organize meetings and reach out to more people in grassroots. It is estimated that the use of technology in that campaign alone increased voter participation by over fourteen million votes.

NGP VAN helping campaigns work faster

As both President Obama’s campaigns demonstrated, technology provides an advantage over the opponents. Initially, politicians used the door to door strategies in their campaigns which were labor intensive. Nowadays, web analytics are being used to mobilize voters through various mobile platforms which are more faster and effective. A huge amount of data is involved and therefore significant expertise and financial resources are necessary. A platform that is not properly maintained can cause failure as observed during the 2012 campaigns when Mitt Romney ORCA platform became dysfunctional in the last minutes.


NGP VAN was established in 2001 as a Voter Activation Network by Mark Sullivan. The company has developed various tools which are relevant to politicians, organizations and other institutions. Recently, the company has partnered with web startups to facilitate a broad grassroots advocacy.

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