Mike Baur Chairs the Swiss Start-Up Program to Yield Successful Business Ventures for Start-Ups

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of a country’s economy. With many businesses flocking the economy due to the emerging brands in the market, entrepreneurs need skills on how to set up a business. It is estimated that most start-ups dwindle within the first eighteen months of operation. This is because of the difficulties that arise in the businesses during those months. For that reason, business start-ups need mentors and financiers who can offer support within the first three months of operation. That is where Mike Baur comes in the picture. Mike Baur is a senior executive who has had a vast experience in dealing with startups.




The Swiss businessman and entrepreneur is the co-founder of a start-up firm called Swiss Start-up Factory. Baur has twenty years experience in the banking industry. He has previously worked for UBS as well as Clariden Leu. After amassing extensive expertise in the two organizations, he quit the banking sector to venture into investing in companies that major in start-ups. This was before his new development of co-founding Swiss Start-up in 2014.


Motivational Speaker


 Mike Baur participates in many talks concerning start-ups and business development management. He is an active participant of the Start Summiteer. This is a start-up contest that involves pitching at the St. Gallen University. Following his vast experience in developing strategies that work for start-ups, Baur was appointed the deputy managing director of a company that partnered with Swiss Start-up Factory called CTI Invest. Under his leadership and guidance at Swiss Start-up Factory, Baur led the team in conducting an accelerator program.


Swiss Accelerator Program


The Swiss accelerator program is a training session for people who want to start businesses. The management of Swiss Start-up offers guidance through the entire necessary procedures involved in administering the business. In a bid to provide businesses a chance to be successful, the Swiss Start-up Program pairs up each candidate with one mentor. For an individual to succeed in the endeavors of business, a mentor is required. A mentor keeps the candidate in check at all times. Just like Swiss Start-up provides candidates with mentors, the program is set to yield amazing results for participants. Through the mentors, candidates get to develop a viable working business plan at work and an entrepreneurial level.


Mike’s Profile


Mike Baur is the chairman of Swiss Start-Up Factory. Through him, the company offers guidance in business start-ups. Mike has twenty years experience in banking. He applies talent and the experience to executive viable business plans for prospects.

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