Meet the Elephant in Food Supply, OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 Food Companies that offers premium brand quality food services around the world. The company is a world-class food provider, which has several partnerships with prominent food solution companies as well as retail food brands.

OSI Industries provides exclusive food ideas that are well received around the world. It is ranked among the top 100 for its unique and exception provision of quality products and its career opportunities. With more than 20,000 employees, the company has changed many lives with the 65 facilities it runs across several countries.

Headed by Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer, the story of OSI Group has been nothing success. Two years ago, in 2016, the company was the winner of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award, which was presented by the British Safety Council for exemplifying and portraying the best environmental risks management.

OSI Industries has the financial capacity to offer you limitless opportunities regarding sourcing, developing, producing or distributing custom food services like breakfast, lunches, entrées among others. With a passion for innovation and its dedication, the OSI Group family always is on the lookout for individuals with the right skill, fresh idea, and any other innovative solution. It posts relevant links on its website for those seeking for employment telling them to upload their resumes for consideration.

For many years, the company has banked on partnership investments to better their services and bring ideal food concepts to life. It is transparent and has measures that ensure product growth solution at incredible values.

The company has so far acquired three companies; Baho Foods, Tyson Food Plant, and Flagship Europe. The buying of the Tyson food plant in 2016, according to OSI, was to allow them to better their operations and meet the rapid demands of their customers.

By buying Baho Foods, which has customers in 18 European countries, OSI Group processing operations and dealings in those countries would further be strengthened. During the same year, the enterprise acquired Flagship Europe, which supplies poultry products, pies, food dressings among others. The venture was to expand the conglomerate and create more opportunities for better customer satisfaction.

OSI Group has been in existence for many years. It was first known as Otto and Sons. For more than six decades, OSI Group has provided food solutions to states around the world. Currently, it runs its facilities in 17 countries, most of which have been awarded in various categories.

The corporation has a reliable food chain system with a worldwide supply that guarantees the best customer experience. It safeguards the consumer’s brand and preserves the recommended standards of quality if not better.


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