Malcolm CasSelle works in the virtual assets market.

Malcolm CasSelle received his MIT from Stanford University, Malcolm has many titles under his belt. He is an entrepreneur, CIO at OPSkins, and also serves as the president at WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). Before joining WAX, Malcolm was president at tronc inc. He also served as the vice president at the digital SeaChange international.

The many years in the digital world has given Malcolm CasSelle experience, and he has become one of the experts on matters concerning technology. WAX is a platform that guarantees secure gaming in exchange for items on the blockchain.

After it’s establishment WAX received a positive response, and Malcolm now believes that the gaming industry will change the cryptocurrency. OPSkins, one of the company’s headed by Malcolm, is leading in the sale of virtual assets in gaming. The company has users across the globe and the number of users on their platform is increasing by the day.

However, despite being the leading platform in virtual assets, the company is faced with specific risks, to deal with the limitations, the company has decided to work with WAX which is a marketplace for the virtual assets, and it allows the buyers and sellers to trade with confidence

WAX is created to deal with several cybersecurity issues, fraud as well as the disintegration of the virtual assets. The program allows users to trade without clicking off the game. It also will enable traders with the same tokens to trade as this makes it easier to keep track of any transactions of the virtual assets.

Virtual assets have become a common form of currency, and though it can connect buyers and sellers from all over the world. It is at high risk of being hacked. To avoid these many companies have come up with applications aimed at ensuring the use of cryptocurrency is safe and efficient.

Malcolm CasSelle, on the other hand, has merged two things in this new era that have become more popular, online gaming and the use of virtual money. More people are embracing the idea of online games as they and have with friends on the other side of the country as well as make new friends. Malcolm has thus merged the two concepts of online gaming and use of virtual assets and created an application that will ensure their transactions are safe.


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