Lifeline Screening, Your Cardiovascular Disease Savior

Technology has had significant impacts on almost every aspect of life including the medical field. Many positive developments have been made, and several diseases thought to be stubborn put under control. However, cardiovascular diseases have remained adamant even to advanced technology. These diseases have remained at the top of the killer disease list in America for a long time now. A regular checkup to detect the disease at the earliest stage is currently the main approach. Lifeline screening is dedicated to giving all cardiovascular screening tests. It was established in the early 90s in Texas.

How to prepare for a lifeline screening.

Taking a lifeline screening is an important step towards being in charge of your cardiovascular health. The following tips will be helpful in your preparation.


This is your first stop when you enter the facility. Here you will do your inquiries on healthcare  tests you want to take and their costs. Once you are comfortable, you will be given the relevant forms to fill and then do your payment.

Waiting bay

You can sit here and fill your forms if you wish then return them to the reception. From here you will also wait for your turn to be attended and you may wait here again if you are doing more than one test.

Screening area.

This is a private area where you will get into for your tests.

Dressing for lifeline screening

Different screening tests require various body parts. Below are some tips that can be very helpful regardless of the test;

• If you have to wear jewelry, keep it minimal or otherwise avoid them for quick and easy testing

• Switch off your phone to stop any interference with the medical equipment

• Wear shoes that will take the minimum time to remove. Also, avoid very long and tight socks.

• Keep away from oils and lotions since they can be harmful to some of the equipment and even interfere with the results.

• Wear comfortable loose clothing if possible.

• Be sure to fast if you are required to for accurate results.

Your expectations of a lifeline screening

Once you are done with the tests, you will be given the results and recommendations. If you are okay, then that is great news. However, you need to keep going for tests regularly since it can take long before you have any signs. In case of any signs noted you will be advised accordingly and it will be the right time to receive quick treatments to prevent any major issues. It can also be an excellent time to change your lifestyle for a better health.

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