Laidlaw & Company Goals, Operations and Organizational Culture

Laidlaw is a popular and prestigious firm that offers investment banking services as well as brokering deals for its clients. It specializes in offering personalized advice on investment opportunities to individuals as well as public and private institutional clients. It was established to provide comprehensive and well-researched investment banking advice on and services to both emerging as well as established companies. Additionally it also provides wealth management services to clients.

Operations and Culture

With a 170-year-old legacy of securities brokerage and investment banking services on stopbrokerfraud, the company has focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of all its clients worldwide. Today, it operates a growing network of branches and offices all over the United States of America and Europe. It has acquired FINRA registration and also FCA authorization. This means that it is empowered to develop profitable relationships globally, pursue new business opportunities and offer services to individual clients around the world.

Laidlaw & Company is driven by a culture that is characterized by high level of entrepreneurship and forging great relationships. The entire firm is encouraged to follow an innovative and unconventional culture designed to produce excellent results in gathering assets, distributing financial solutions and growing the net worth of all the firm’s clients. To do this, it runs both independent and captive sales offices.

The company firmly believes in assisting emerging firms to grow by helping them raise the capital they need to finance their growth and operations. With a strong retail sales force, Laidlaw & Company has the capacity to assist their corporate clients achieve the financial flexibility they need to grow.

Capital Markets

Laidlaw Capital Markets assists clients to access capital through public markets. Its products include Initial Public Offerings, Follow-on offerings, secondary offerings, confidentially marketed follow-ons, PIPESs and Registered Directs.

Alternative Investments

Laidlaw also runs an alternative investments team that focuses on creating long-term investment tools that take 7 to 10 years to mature. It uses private equity pools to minimize overall risk and improve investor leverage with their issuers.