Jason Halpern: Developing New York’s Skyline

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the current principal of JMH Development, a real estate and property development company based in the state of New York. The company is recognized to be one of the largest and the leading real estate business firms in the United States, and the company began as a family business. Jason Halpern only managed to come into the spotlight in 2010 after his appointment as a principal, and from there, he has 100% control of their family business. He made an action plan as to how JMH Development could achieve significant growth in just a short period, so he invested the company’s funds in a wide array of investment. All in all, the projects that they are building inside the state of New York has a combined value of $500 million, and one of the most famous architecture pieces that they developed was the luxury apartment properties located at 184 Kent Street. It gained attention because of how beautiful the structure is, and people are amazed at the building’s transformation from a dilapidated warehouse into an eye-catching opulent property. JMH Development is also behind the Townhouses of Cobble Hill Project, another luxury property situated in Brooklyn. Aside from this two properties in the state of New York that has been already built, some proposed projects are still being considered. Some have been approved, and are now under construction.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

However, one should understand that JMH Development does not restrict its business playground in the state of New York alone. They have recently built a hotel in Miami, Florida, back in 2015, which is called the Aloft South Beach. This new property in Miami can be found at the heart of its city center, and tourists from all over the world started to flock on the hotel’s doors because of how great their amenities are. The hotel has 250 rooms which are enough to accommodate hundreds of tourists. According to their guests, compared to other competitors, Aloft South Beach’s rooms are more spacious.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

The hotel also has a number of world-class amenities: an eight-story observation deck which gives tourists a beautiful bird’s eye and 360 view of the city; an access to two water bodies, named Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal; a waterfront which offers picturesque view; a swimming pool and an outdoor pools; a roof deck lounge where guests can chill out; a fitness center complete with gym equipment; and a bar where starting musicians perform.Jason Halpern is assuring the public that JMH Development will always stand by its commitment to building new and innovative structures which are environment-friendly and will endure the test of time. JMH Development managed to transform the skyline of the state of New York, and they are looking forward to changing the skyline of other cities too.

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