Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Owner Has Brought Progress To The World

Hussain Sajwani has led the way of development in Dubai in the 21st century. His company, DAMAC, has worked very hard to develop the highest quality luxury real estate in the world. DAMAC has brought Dubai and many other cities head first into the 21st century. This is especially dramatic in the Middle East where traditional and conservative lifestyles are very prevalent. It is a stark contrast to see complex, elaborate, high end, modern cities in the middle of deserts and areas where people live in more undeveloped places.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, is a guy who really knows what it means to help out the global community. He generously gave two million dollars to the Ramadan Initiative. His donation clothed roughly more than 50,000 youngsters. It was a godsend for the children who received it. Hussain Sajwani understands that Allah did him a favor by endowing him with such an affluent life. That is why he wanted to give thanks by contributing to the Ramadan Initiative.

Interestingly, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has a pretty strong friendship with Trump. This is because of the fact that they know each other well from business deals. However, it has come to a point where they have rubbed elbows so much that they are now friends. Their families interact with each other, sometimes. It makes a lot of sense to say that they are in the same social circle and community.

A lot of anti-Trump psychos have criticized the friendly relations between Trump and Sajwani. Their whole justification for belly-aching and being butt-hurt is that the President should not have anything to do with a guy who he has big business dealings with. They say that Trump’s personal business interests might get in the way of his presidential duties. These critics are just a bunch of troublemakers and complainers. After all, who is the President supposed to make friends with? He works very hard and has contact with whichever human beings he happens to have contact with. Also, everyone knows who Trump and his family members are, and there are surely plenty of people who do not have the best intentions for them. Connect with Hussain on Twitter.

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