How David McDonald Is Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

David McDonald is the president of the OSI Group and he is helping them improve their sustainability. If you want to find out how he is doing that, as well as info about his work background, educational background and other useful information, then read on.

McDonald’s Work History & Educational Background

David McDonald has been with the OSI Group, a global food processing company, since 1987. He also serves as the director of OSI International Foods and he sits on the company’s board of directors. As for education, he attended Iowa State University. He graduated with a degree in animal science.

How He Is Working At Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

McDonald works at adapting to changing world, which in turns improves the company’s sustainability. He believes that adapting to change ensures the future of the company, but it is important to adapt quickly. He mentioned how consumer trends place a lot of value on how animals are being raised, as well as origin of the products, simple labeling and local sourcing to name a few. McDonald pointed out that OPI Group sometimes has to create solutions to meet the preferences of customers.

McDonald and his team also lets local management handle things at the facilities they work at. This is because local management knows more about the local cultures and what people like. This allows the company to come up with local solutions. This also helps David McDonald OSI Group become more sustainable.

Acquisition Of Baho Foods

About a year ago, OSI Groups acquired Baho Foods, a manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. At the time of the acquisition, McDonald said OPI Group would have a stronger presence in Europe because Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer. He added that the move would help the company meet the needs of their customers.

Ever since starting at OSI Group, McDonald has played a crucial role in its success. It’s expected that this success will continue, as McDonald is always working at improving things at the company.

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