How can an investment banker like James Dondero help you?

Well, one of the ways for a company to raise capital is the sale of stocks or bonds. But these transactions may need some expertise by way of pricing financial tools that will bolster revenue to regulatory standards. That, my friend, is where an investment bank and James Dondero can help. Investment banks go between big enterprises and an investor, with the role of advising governments and businesses alike. They advise these entities on how to overcome their financial hurdles and help them to acquire financing.

Considering current market conditions, a bank can advise what way is best to raise capital. This may include selling some ownership in a company via stock offerings or possible getting a loan from the public by way of a bond issue.
For a stock offering, the analysts will look at many different factors, like potential earnings and how strong a management team is, to decide the value a share of the company may be worth.

Investment banks may give advice in an acquisition as well. Like if a company wants to acquire a competitor, they can instruct their management on how much the company may be valued at and advise structuring their deal so that it’s more beneficial to the buyer.

Helping companies raise money and advising on how to raise capital is an important function of what these firms do. However most offer many other services as well. Many banks are quite diversified in what services they offer. Some of those services may include things like research, where they have a large team that may gather up info about a company for advice on whether buying or selling a stock makes sense for them. While these reports most assuredly get used on an internal basis, they can also sell the reports to hedge funds or managers on mutual funds in order to generate capital.
The trading department (of most firms) is who handles executing the stocks and bonds on the client behalf, thus fulfilling the trading and sales role for a company.

They can also handle the asset management of large pension fund portfolios via the asset management dept. and the selection of real estate trusts, stocks, instruments of debt, and other investment tools. They have experts who can handle and calculate this on your behalf to help achieve the client goals.
This is where Jim Dondero comes in! James is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management. He has 30 years of experience in high yield and distressed investing.  They have award winning product offerings you need to check out today! James Dondero is a highly skilled professional in his field and is sure to help you, whatever your financial goals may be.
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