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IAP Worldwide Services is a leader in the provision of professional and technical services, facilities management and global scale logistics. The company has employed more than 1,600 workers who are located in over 20 countries around the globe. Over the years, IAP has been providing solutions to the demanding challenges faced by consumers in the private and public entities.

The company has the required expertise to plan, organize and undertake technical and logistical challenges. IAP manages and runs military installations, research laboratories located in remote areas and civilian facilities. In order to provide support to its workforce flexibility needs, IAP Worldwide Services delivers technology, program management and people. The company has been existence for more than 6 decades. Over these years, the company has created a reputation for being responsive and reliable leader in the market in terms of meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

IAP has managed to stand out because it adopts its customer’s mission as its own besides channeling its passion and experience towards creating innovative solutions and tangible results. At IAP, the corporate responsibility is defined by how the entity treats everyone including the employees and customers. The company has been engaged in many corporate social responsibilities as a means of giving back to the society.

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In order to enhance the success of its services, IAP utilizes a combination of integrated capabilities with the objective of ensuring that the government of the United States is able to fulfill many missions. The company is always ready to handle different challenges inherent in the global environment. IAP provides a variety of services, which include expeditionary infrastructure, government services, power solutions besides IT and communication services as well as aviation and engineering solutions.

The company’s mission is to deliver results that exceed customers’ expectations by taking consumers concerns and owning the same. The leadership of IAP is committed to serving the customer, the workforce and the society with utmost ingenuity and purpose. The corporation believes in partnering with a broad range of business that seek to add value to their services. At IAP, ethics is upheld as employees comply with all standards. This way, consumer problems are solved in a smart and efficient manner. The corporation uses government contract vehicles to share its ingenuity, expertise and commitment with the defense, agencies involved in national security and the government. Ingenuity and purpose are the two key drivers of IAP services. IAP guarantees to deliver on every challenge.

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