Gold Coin Issued To Mark Controversial Brexit Vote

The Cook Islands have become the first nation to issue a commemorative series of coins with the aid of Lichtenstein’s Coin Invest Trust company to mark the controversial Brexit referendum vote. The vote saw the people of the U.K. choose to instigate article 50 of the European Union constitution and begin the process of departing the continent wide community Great Britain has played an important role in for over 40 years. This historic event has now been marked by a series of gold and silver coins marking the event with an impressive and innovative design.

The release of the coin series has come with the use of some of the latest gold mining technology to create coins with a precise gold and silver value to make them amongst the most impressive commemorative coins ever produced. Three coins have been released by CIT and are available through some of the world’s most respected precious coin sales groups, such as the US Money Reserve.

A silver $1 coin has been produced with impressive specifications, including the use of .999 fine silver for this three gram 26mm coin; two gold coins have also been produced with face values of $5 and $20 respectively with only 10,000 coins produced for these coins that are bound to be collectors items for many years to come. The $5 gold coin is created from .9999 fine gold in this 0.5 gram and 11mm coin; the $20 coin is designed to be 26mm and 1/10 ounce of .9999 fine gold. All coins bear the June 23 2016 date of the Brexit referendum and have an innovative design that makes them stand out from other commemorative coins.

Struck by B.H. Mayer’s Kunstprageanstalt in Germany these coins have a colorful design that sees a small map of western Europe overshadowed by a larger than scale version of the U.K. The mainland of Great Britain and the nation of Northern Ireland are covered by the Union Flag to make the area stand out from the map of Europe. The top of the coin bears the word Brexit and the rear is decorated with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

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