George Soros – a Lifetime of Givings and Making a Difference

George Soros became a popular name in the United States back in 1970 when he launched his hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. He grew his career and became a wildly successful investor and one of the wealthiest people alive. George Soros is a businessman and investor, and one of the most active philanthropists in the world.

In 1984, George Soros established The Open Society Foundations and created a network of foundations and charity groups from all around the old to promote democratic beliefs, tolerance, and acceptance, as well healthcare, art and education, and quality of life for all. George Soros started doing philanthropy in 1979 when he helped black youth from South Africa receive a better education. From then on, George Soros has been at the forefront of charity, helping promote ideas for growth in Communist Hungary, funding school trips to the West, funding the establishment and operation of the Central European University in Budapest, enabling underprivileged youth to receive a better education, and much more. Earlier this year George Soros achieved a giving of $32 billion to his Open Societies Foundation to fund its operation.

The ideals that drive George Soros to give large amounts of his fortune to charity date back to his young adult years in London where he attended the London School of Economics. George Soros emigrated from Nazi Hungary to London, England in 1947 at the age of 17. He dove into his education and dedicated himself to philosophy as well as academic achievement. George Soros gave his papers to teacher and philosopher Karl Popper for feedback as George Soros admired Popper so much after he read his written works that his opinion was among the most valuable. Karl Popper was never a teacher of his ut the two discussed philosophy and the papers that George Soros gave for feedback.

Karl Poper made a lasting impression on George Soros mainly because of his book titled The Open Society and its Enemies. The book expands upon the concept of an open society and argues that there is no ideology that will ever be the final arbiter of truth. At the same time, Popper also argues that the only way to get as close to the truth as a human possibly can is through kindness and respect and tolerance for others, as well as through democratic governance.

That inspired George Soros to start on the path that he chose. The views that the book expanded upon played a large part in shaping George Soros into the person he is today. He set out to dedicate his life to get society closer to an open society where people will not be discriminated based on sexuality, religion, race, gender, disabilities, or financial background.

George Soros has recognized that his life would not be enough to achieve his goal, but he will be directing his fortune to it for as long as he can. With the rising of Trump, George Soros felt an urgent need to strengthen his philanthropy to protect minorities from the hardships ahead.


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