Energy Drilling Firm- Talos Energy

The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Duncan was the tone in between saving his family from the floods or negotiating a $2.5 billion deal for acquiring Stone Energy which was publicly traded company which was also bankrupt. The 45 years old Chief Executive Officer of Talos knew that it was risky to purchase the troubled company. According to Duncan, he had to the transaction done despite the situation. Duncan decided to call for help to evacuate his family to his mother’s compound and there he made the deal over his mother’s dining table after four months.

The deal to acquire Stone Energy was successful, and Duncan now will be the new owner of a company which generated about $900 million annually. Most of Talos Energy assets will be in the Gulf of Mexico and it is a benefit to the drilling firm because it will lower their risk. Talos is a widespread company which also takes advantage of other wells not based in the United States of America but also in Mexico. The energy group has been using new technology to drill the energy. Currently, the newly purchased company can drill about 48000 barrels a day, but according to the management, it can do produce more oil.

Duncan grew up knowing about drilling oil as his owned an oil company. He has grown up in different countries and States including Egypt, New York, and Texas. When the Hurricane came, Duncan together with other bondholders was in a negotiation about rebuilding a debt of about $800 million. On the negotiation table were Financial managers Riverstone, and Apollo Managers, as well as Mackay Shields, and Franklin of Templeton Investment. According to the director of Citi, Jerry Schretter the settling of the debt was a challenge from the beginning even before the occurrence of the hurricane. Jerry has been Duncan’s advisor for many years. Talos Energy has their largest asset in Phoenix. Talos Energy was created in 2012 by Duncan who is the Chief Executive Officer of the oil drilling organization. He was financially supported by Riverstone management and Apollo Investment to set up the facility. Talos Energy continues to expand their portfolio throughout the world.

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