End Citizens United Cintinues Its Mission Amidst Mid-Term Election Build-Up

End Citizens United has been hard at work in preparations for the upcoming mid-term elections. The PAC has been playing both sides of the field in their attempt to nab some vacating congressional seats. For End Citizens United it is another round of an elaborate political chess game, one they have been playing for about a decade. Formed in 2015 as an offensive strike against Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission, the Washington DC based PAC has worked diligently to reverse the controversial decision. Their mission is a lofty one considering that the only way to reverse the Supreme Court decision is to amend an amendment to the Constitution, the first amendment to be precise.

It is a goal that requires a lot of legislation, which is why End Citizens United needs legislators.Since its formation in 2015, the political actions committee has been grassroots funding candidates advocating election reform.Citizens United was the case that extended the definition of free speech to include corporations. It has been hotly contested since the initial ruling in 2010, with opposing parties claiming that the decision basically puts federal elections of for sale. End Citizens United Seeks to amend free speech so that it only includes the individual. So they are hard at work trying to get their candidates elected, and politicians who are against election reform booted.

This year they have already filed a complaint with the federal elections commission against Adam Scott, a politician they claim is using a super pac to finance his campaign efforts, and advocated for over 10 presently running candidates who advocate for election reform. Some of these candidates are vying for congressional seats that are already occupied by popular candidates. Others are vying for newly vacated seats that are also the target of corporate pac funded politicians. Despite the odds ECU Remains diligent in its support. Through sheer determination and perserverance the PAC will see its job done. No matter how long it takes.

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