End Citizens United Aims at 2018 Congressional Elections for Big Change in Politics

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focused on bringing about legislative change at the highest levels of the United States Government. Their namesake, Citizens United, was a conservative group that fought with the Supreme Court in order to get looser restrictions on campaign finances. Citizens United won and in effect tainted American politics for the past seven years and the foreseeable future. The Citizens United Supreme Court case is looked at as one of the leading causes of dark money entering into the American political scene. When politicians are paid off by big donors their votes end up changing and the will of the people ends up being ignored. End Citizens United does not want to stand for such a thing.


End Citizens United has been aggressive and successful with their focus on fundraising through the first actual quarter of 2017. People have been emboldened and pushed out of their apathy by the unconventional election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. Progressives are angry and they are ready to fight back in order to stand up for their country. This anger and this willingness to get involved has caused End Citizens United to explode with activism activity. Through the first quarter of ’17 End Citizens United saw more than 100,000 donations to the cause. The majority of these donations were worth about $12 but they still managed to raise nearly $4 million in total. End Citizens United also saw 40,000 people donate their time and physical presence to events and activist get-togethers in order to try and push the cause and the message to more and more people.


The problem with shifting the Citizens United case at the federal level is that it will take massive change in terms of the politicians who sit on the seats in Congress. For that reason alone we have seen End Citizens United get more involved in endorsing politicians who are willing to chase after the Citizens United case. Unfortunately most of these changes won’t happen until after the 2018 Congressional Election which will no doubt be swayed, in part, by the role of dark money.


The second problem, and largest hill that End Citizens United has to climb, is the fact that campaign finance reform is not a bipartisan issue — at least not on Capitol Hill. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans support campaign finance reform, the top congressional Republicans refuse to even engage the thought due to the fact that they are so beholden to special interests. End Citizens United needs to see a rush of progressive candidates in 2018 in order to make their name a reality for the better of America.


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