Dr. David Samadi Explains the Value of Surgery In Treating Prostate Cancer

Mitt Romney recently announced that he underwent surgery following his prostate cancer. The former Republican presidential nominee was diagnosed with a tumor in early 2018. People were concerned following his openness to disclose health history. It was also a clear sign that he was about to run for Senate in Utah. It is highly likely that Mitt Romney will replace Orrin Hatch.

Romney Survives Prostate Cancer

The success of Romney’s surgery is attributed to Dr. Thomas Ahlering of UC Irvine Hospital, geographically located in California. According to the health sector, Romney’s prognosis joins 161,360 men who went through the same surgery because of prostate cancer. It is projected that in 2018, the American Cancer Society will handle about 164,690 cases of prostate cancer.

Romney’s Diagnosis

As a burning health issue, prostate cancer has claimed many lives. It is not a new subject to the health sector. In fact, statistics indicate that six men out of ten have always been diagnosed with this type cancer. That is usually between the ages of 45 and 66. With Romney just turning 71 in 2018, he was at risk. Other politicians who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer include Colin Powell, who served as the secretary of the state. His gland was yanked out from the Walter Reed Medical Centre. Another politician who was diagnosed with prostate cancer is John Kerry. He was running for president in 2002.

The First Diagnosis

Upon diagnosis, the first step an individual should take is undergoing radiation. That is a move towards treatment. In the neurologist’s capacity, there will be a discussion concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment method. The decision to go through radiation lies with the patient as treatment is voluntarily done. The cancer is then staged and screened to ensure that it has not spread beyond the gland. Surgery is the second treatment option as Samadi would later put it. According to Dr. Samadi, this is the better option. Aside from being useful, it is more efficient with higher chances of recuperating.

Samadi’s Input

Dr. Samadi is an experienced health practitioner who uses his media platform to disseminate vital information concerning men’s health. He primarily specializes in prostate cancer and general health. Perhaps his major success story is appended to his contribution to Robotic Surgery in Lenox Hill Hospital. Serving as the chairman of the department is a clear indication that Samadi is capable of revolutionizing the health sector in many ways.

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