Don Ressler And His Effort To Building Sustainable Businesses And An Entire Industry

Emerging successful in business is no easy feat in a world where there are thousands other competing to clench the same opportunities. It takes effort and strategy to move from a basic position to the attainment of success. Few businesses manage to emerge successful in the competitive environment due to the fact they lack the precision and the capacity to pursue challenging situations.

The strength to overcome challenges is built and is not something that will just come automatically. The above descriptions precisely talk about the path Don Ressler took to become one of the most successful online entrepreneurs. He runs several successful companies and most of the ideas he came up with led to the development of strong businesses.

Don Ressler began investing when he built, which stocked fitness products. The company, although not as profitable as he expected, offered him an opportunity to learn and acquire vital skills of running an online-based business. After some years of building the company, he sold it in 2001 to Intermix Media.

While transacting to hand the company over, he got the opportunity to interact with Adam Goldenberg, who was then working at Intermix Media as their COO. They shared ideas and decided to partner in their first project that allowed them to launch Alena Media, a company that helped businesses to tacked their marketing challenges.

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Alena Media was highly profitable and performed beyond their expectations within three years after inception. This success allowed them to draft other better ideas and in 2005, they reached an agreement to sell Alena Media so they could move to something different and better. The company was bought by News Corp to allow them to concentrate on building their next business. In 2008, they launched Intelligent Beauty, which today remains a profitable business under the stewardship of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

To mark the peak of their partnership, Don Ressler and Adam built JustFab, which was launched in 2010. The company is a successful subscription retail that offers beauty products in different categories. It was first funded in 2011 by Matrix Ventures with an amount valued at $33 million before the company moved on to apply for additional $76 million that was paid by different companies in 2012.

With the two rounds of funding, JustFab managed to build a strong infrastructure and the company grew its network to cover Germany, UK and Canada. Its presence in Europe has been growing continually with more plans to launch business in other regions.

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