Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

As Jay-Z’s landmark 360 deal with Live Nation draws to a close, he has been spreading the word amongst the industry elites about his interest in doing future business deals. Jay-Z’s original deal with Live Nation was revealed to be for 10 years and worth an estimated $150 million. It has been reported that Jay-Z has been in contact with industry titans in order to entertain offers regarding his recorded music business under the Roc Nation label. In the original 360 deal with Live Nation, a buy-sell clause was implemented that will allow either side to purchase the other’s stake in Roc Nation, or purchase the company outright. Additional article on  In today’s market, Live Nation is no longer interested in investing in recorded music, and while this area of their partnership will soon be coming to an end, sources have revealed that the music juggernaut has no intention of ending their touring relationship, as it has been very lucrative for all parties involved. In 2008, during their initial partnership, Live Nation chose to buy into Jay-Z’s and other artists under the Roc Nation imprint’s tights and recorded music, but the climate of the music industry is allegedly the reason behind their change of heart. There are several major artists that currently call Roc Nation home, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, Fat Joe, and Shakira. Read more on

Recently Jay-Z, along with longtime partner Desiree “Dez” Perez, met with Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, at his offices in Santa Monica, CA. There has been speculation that this meeting could mean a growing partnership between Jay-Z, SC Enterprises, and Universal Music Group. More to read on

Desiree “Dez” Perez is a high-ranking executive and longtime confidant of Jay-Z who is responsible for many of the daily operations at Roc Nation.  Check for related article.  She’s is responsible for brokering many of the deals involving Roc Nation artists, including Rihanna’s new deal with Samsung.  For timeline updates from Dez, check this useful link

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