Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Stronger

All the naysayers that did not believe that Jay Z could do it, he is proving that Tidal is the company that will soon be at the top in music streaming. He has enlisted the help of Desiree Perez, and he is becoming one of the major forces in the music streaming industry. It appears that he has enlisted someone that has worked with him during his time getting Roc Nation Sports off the ground. She was the one that was there negotiating contracts for athletes, and her skills were quite impressive.

Jay-Z did not forget this or Desiree Perez when he decided to launch Tidal and compete better with Spotify. He gave executives that were in place a chance to prove what they could do, but such a high turnover for the CEO position proved that no one really had the right answers. Jay-Z was endeavoring into new territory. So many of the other streaming sites are free. This meant that Jay-Z had to think of something new and innovative to capture the attention of a crowd. Related article on  For so long music lovers have been getting music for free in a variety of different ways. They have been downloading torrents. They have been sharing files amongst one another. They have been streaming music for free from different apps and websites. This made it difficult for Jay-Z to launch premium music streaming site.  Check for additional article

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It was Desiree that has been able to guide him and help him build a site that is worthy of the price that is paid. She has been in the back ground as part of his circle of influence to help him design a better website. More about Dez on  She has taken the time to negotiate the contract that can help Jay-Z make the best moves for his music streaming service.  To read blogs from Dez, visit her on her page.

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