David McDonald Is Loyal To The OSI Group Vision

OSI Group has been a leader in food manufacturing for decades. David McDonald has risen to the top spot in the organization. As COO he has been able to influence the organization in the most positive ways. David has fallen directly in line with the company’s vision to push for growth and provide opportunity for employees. OSI Group has continued growth by acquiring other companies in order to diversify its business model.

David McDonald and his staff were able to save hundreds of jobs at the Tyson Foods plant. Tyson Foods was looking to close and the employees who worked there for many years had no other alternatives. David McDonald was able to supervise the merger of Tyson Foods and acquire the company for a 7.4 million dollars. The business deal kept the plant running. Many Tyson Foods employees were offered lateral positions at OSI Group.

The acquisition of Flagship Food Group was crucial. Flagship Food Group is a European based food supplier that specializes in mayonnaise and serving sauces. It will open up new markets for OSI Group. Baho Foods is a European distributor that was also acquired by OSI Group. It is expected to assist the organization in gaining a firm position in the European region. Turi Foods is an Australian company that was recently acquired by OSI Group. Turi Foods operates out of Thomastown Australia and is a supplier of meat to several different organizations in the region. Turi Foods has a collection of plants working in the area and will remain operating in the same capacity.

David McDonald is originally from Iowa. He obtained his degree at Iowa State University and is a loyal member of the alumni. He maintains close ties to the University and has made several contributions throughout the years. David McDonald began career with OSI Group and has remained with the organization since the beginning. He rose to the top position of COO because he continuously shares the company’s vision.

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