Creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools is of importance to any parent.

Finding a place to foster that need is not always easy. Now there is an online place where teachers and parents can connect to promote positive behaviors and communicate in a single platform.

Welcome to ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a communication platform delivering ground-up change.

Why should you use ClassDojo. Here are 3 reasons.

  1. To create a positive classroom culture.
  2. To communicate with parents.
  3. To motivate students in learning.

Culture is very important with ClassDojo. Working hard, problem solving skills and helping each other are a key focus through out the instruction. Teachers use computers and mobile devices to give feedback efficiently and effectively in a timely manner. Progress is marked along the way with celebrations at the end of each month. Combining hard work with positive feedback encourages students to grow and learn.

Teachers, parents, students — connection, empowerment. Parents and teachers have a very easy to use communication tool with which to stay on top of progress made. With videos, photos and instant messaging, communication between teachers and parents are second to none.

Creating community is essential to the experience. Class Dojo also suggests five ‘needs work’ class values:

  1. Disrespect
  2. No homework
  3. Off task
  4. Talking out of turn
  5. Unprepared

With the community being priority it’s very important these are emphasized. Completion or the lack there of is correlated to the ClassDojo point system. Positive behaviors earn positive points, whereas things like talking out of turn, or not completing homework would cause a student to lose points.

With all this you may expect it is expensive or costly. The good news is ClassDojo is free. It is supported by venture funding so parents, teachers and students can use this at no cost. Time is also hard to come by these days. With ClassDojo the parent teacher meetings are not necessary as there is continual contact between parents and teachers.

If you are looking for a new resource that may be beneficial for you and your child. ClassDojo may be for you.

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