Better Politics Through End Citizen United

Democracy is an essential pillar for every progressive nation. It gives people power and the free will to choose what they want and do away with what they don’t want. Breach of democracy only calls for punishment. Unfortunately, the modern world is heading in a direction that seems to uphold this vice and sometimes the culpable get away with it. This is an insult to the people in a democratic state, but the influence of those in power makes them invincible to the law. However, this will not be the case for long since activist groups such as End Citizen United have been established to curb the constitutional illegalities.

End Citizen United is an action committee with political backing. It was established on 1st March 2015 to represent the interests of the grassroots who are the majority in the nation. Its agenda is to bring to a halt the destruction that Citizen United bring in the election campaign systems. It is committed to fighting the ever-increasing nerve of the wealthy to play with democracy through influencing elections. The committee is inclined to build a strong coalition whose mandate is to instigate reforms on campaign financing and also push the lawmakers to take action against the offenders.

Over time, the nation has witnessed deep-pocketed individuals and corporations that take-up political power against the will of the people. Luckily, under the watch of the committee, combating such activities has become an easy task. The group is striving to bring down the existing rigid political system through reforms, advocacy, and the passing of state ballot protocols. These actions are aimed at bringing the reign of Citizen United, which has only benefited a wealthy few, to an end. Moreover, the free flow of money in politics is bound to come to an end bringing the dark money era to an abrupt stop.

To achieve all these objectives, End Citizen United has laid down its action plan. It is working on electing pro-reform candidates to the office so that they can raise the alarm on the matter of big money in politics at the state level. Also, the committee plans on utilizing the grassroots who represent the better portion of the nation’s population to exercise power and strength against the current political system. Besides, it also supports Democrats who are the leaders in ranging war against Citizen United and are dedicated to revolutionizing the campaign financing system that is dying of corruption.

End Citizen United is funded by donors in the grassroots. For this reason, the committee is geared towards fostering its goals and objectives with integrity and transparency. Hence, it expects even the state’s political system empowered by the same people to conduct its mandates transparently. Finances are sourced from the citizens all over the States with the view of saving the nation’s democracy.

End Citizen United is under the able leadership of top public figures who have experienced injustices of the political system and are committed to subduing Citizen United. They are also staunch on overseeing the election of state champions who are ready to fight tooth and nail against big money politics and oversee the power returned to the people.

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