An Inside Look at the Life of Millionaire and CEO, Anthony Petrello

At first glance, Anthony Petrello may seem like any other CEO in the United States. He has an impressive background with diplomas from two different Ivy League institutes, and a simple search reveals he earns multi-million dollar compensations for his work at Nabors Industries. Although Petrello has spent much of his career at Nabors, he spent over a decade utilizing his Harvard law degree by working at a New York law firm. However, in the end, he came back to Nabors and has been there ever since.

It is obvious that Petrello enjoys being busy and involved in matters he is passionate about. He and his college sweetheart, Cynthia, have dedicated much time and funds to Texas Children Hospital since the birth of their premature daughter, Carena. As a premature baby, Carena was diagnosed with a common neurological disease called periventricular leukomalacia that led to the development of cerebral palsy. Petrello is a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. Donating over $7 million for neurological research, Petrello and his wife hope to make some strides in the treatment of cerebral palsy. You can also follow him on twitter :

They hope to allow Carena to reach her full potential and allow other kids to live their lives. Anthony has been excelling in life since he was a young adult. His college roommate described him as a “math whiz”; even though Anthony chose law school, he still succeeded. Despite all the success Anthony has experienced in his life, he remains humble. He gives back to causes he is passionate about, and he even attributes his success to luck. Anthony does not try to claim his success was the result of his pure intelligence. He simply claims he has been “extremely fortunate in work”. This is what makes him a great CEO. General Anthony Petrello may no longer top the best-paid-bosses list, but he is definitely excelling in other aspects of his life and career.

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