All about Alex Pall

Alex pall is an American musician who is part of the Chainsmokers band. He started as a DJ during his youth life. Being a DJ was his hobby and a side work. He used to DJ around the city of New York with a great passion for the career. He though it as a funny thing when doing something makes you feel funny about than a job itself.

The manager he was working with introduced him to Andrew. It is where he later they started working together immediately. Andrew moved from Maine while Alex quit his DJ job.

Alex and Andrew badly wanted to do music. This is after they brought it to the table and talked what they loved about music and how they will to grow up musically. They both made an observation on what was going in between them, what was killing them. It is what made them realize what was working or not working for them. It is how they shaped an identity around them.

Alex pall liked Andrew because of his production talents and the best thing is that Paul knew more about DJ gigs and social marketing. It was being together that brought success to them where they could work in music then create an identity as artists.

In music, don’t treat like a job. Just give a room for learning more from day to day and be able to cover the ground. When working together there is always goals and values but you have to push it hard so that to become better at what you do. Paul had to ensure they worked better because that was what was paying their bills and much more for them.

Paul refers musician Halsey as an incredible artist. Having collaborated on a song called closer, he said that she is the artist they ever wanted. Its because Halsey is a unique and cool artist with a strong voice that has no apology about. It is why they chose here. The song was written by Andrew on a tour bus.

He is excited about the movement which is heading the right direction when Andrew is singing and the same time producing. This is uncommon in late days, especially in the music business.

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