Agora Financial, providing reliable financial input since 2004

Financial advice is the kind of service that you do not go looking for from random people or organizations. Many people and institutions parade around as financial experts but use such platforms to defraud and steal from people. For this reason, individuals find it more useful to seek such advice from trusted and legitimate fellows or organizations. Various organizations specialize in financial affairs. One of such companies is Agora Financial.

  • About Agora Financial

Agora financial is a publishing agency that provides expert financial input to its readers. Agora Financial does online publications, newsletters and books all focusing on the topic of finance. Other than readable, the agency also does documentaries, online videos and public seminars where they discuss important financial affairs. Every product put up by Agora Financial is intended to tackle a specific topic that keeps varying from the other to avoid being monotonous. The publications by Agora are mostly paid for whereas there are a few that are free and accessible to the general public.

The research that the agency publishes is independent of any external bias and is reliable as it is obtained from specific and extensive analysis and research. The experts and experienced analysts who work for Agora travel around the globe to come up with a well rounded and thorough research findings that will be useful to their readers. The research team comprised of geologists, bond experts, entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, humanitarians, filmmakers, and credited and award-winning authors and journalists.

  • Achievements

In the fourteen years that Agora has been in operation, the agency has been able to create a name for itself and earn more readers by making groundbreaking predictions like the 2008 mortgage crisis. Agora made a publication on the crisis four years before it happened, the readers who heeded the advice lived to be grateful to the agency. The agency also predicted the increase in the trading prices of gold that also came to pass.

  • Leadership and location

Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The company is headed by one Mr. Bill Bonner who is also one of its co-founders.

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