Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Works

Adam Milstein is currently one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the region. He was born around 1950 in Haifa, Israel. His family relocated to Kiryat Motzkin where he grew up. Adam trained as a soldier and joined the Israel Defence Forces. He later joined Technion Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in business and economics. In 1974, he married Gila Elgrably. The couple was blessed with two daughters and in 1981, the family moved to the United States. While in the US, Adam enrolled at the University of Southern California from where he earned master in Business Administration.

Adam Milstein’s career and philanthropic works

His first job was a sales agent at Hager Pacific Properties. He worked very hard to become the managing partner at the company. Adam Milstein’s philanthropist actions were inspired by his friend who was fully into corporate social responsibly. The friend advised him to start up something that will help the local community and he didn’t think twice about it.

In the year 2000, Adam together with his wife Gila founded Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. In the same year, the couple also co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’ America. The two organizations were mainly concerned with helping the Israel-American communities.

Adam and Gila Milstein enhances Israel-American students connect with their Jewish roots and culture. Sifriyat Pijama B’America avails books on a monthly basis to enhance Jewish-American children learn about their culture. More than 15000 families have so far benefitted from the program.

Adam Milstein played a key role towards the formation of Israel American Community in 2007. The movement has enhanced strengthening of relationships between Israel and USA.

He is a member to several non-profit organizations including; Los Angeles Board of Birthright, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships among many others. Adam Milstein’s organizations are all-rounded. They support other NGOs, fight for equality of Israelites in America, support Jewish healthcare as well as education.

In 2015, Adam Milstein together with Haim Saban and Sheldon founded the Campus Maccabees Foundation, the first of its kind ever. The foundation assists Jewish students to join colleges across the U.S. In 2016, his works were recognized when he was named among the top hundred positive influencers of Jewish community in the USA.

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