Adam Milstein and Why The Diaspora Jews Should Breed Their New Leaders

One of the heroes of the Jewish people in Israel is Mordechai Anielewicz. He had given all he could to defend his people in the Warsaw Ghetto, and he did everything in his power to educate the people about the tragedies of the Israelis. According to Adam Milstein in his article for the Times of Israel, no time is better than now to breed the new champions of Israel’s rights, the new Mordechai Anielewicz, the new fighters of what the Israel nation stands for today in America.

Adam Milstein has already built an exciting archive of insightful articles from his contributions for Times of Israel, but one of the most striking and compelling today is his report about the pressure for the people in the diaspora to breed new leaders to fight their battles. Adam Milstein thinks that it is in the hearts and souls of the Jewish people to fight despite the ominous enemy they face all the time. The darkness is always lurking, and it’s good to know that the Jewish elders are optimistic to fight the darkness by supporting the youth.

The Jewish youth is expected to fight the antisemitism in Israel. They are supposed to carry the flag of Israel, defend its people, and push for the advocacy of what it means to be a Jew. The youth should get inspiration from previous Jewish leaders, like Chaim Weizman, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, and Henrietta Szold. They can use their insight to push forward and fight the evil lurking in the bigotry of those who despise Israel. The youth should also get inspiration from soldiers like Col. Mickey Marcus who left America to defend Israel in 1948 and had become the army’s first recognized contemporary general. With the new set of challenges that the Israeli-American Council faces today, the youth should be inspired to do their part.

The Man Behind The Activism

The activist heart of Adam Milstein may be infinite and already a part of the core of his being. But, when he’s not busy in the activism and philanthropy work, Adam Milstein dedicates most of his expertise as a managing partner to make Hager Pacific Properties perform at its best shape.

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